Let’s talk about sex at the RHA’s annual Sex Party


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Sophia Weiss-Goldner, Staff Writer

Students love to discuss and celebrate the wonders of sex, especially with the University’s annual sex party having the highest attendance out of all the events this school year thus far. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) worked to make sure the party was as fun and entertaining as it was educational, with games, gift bags giveaways, guest speakers and a whole lot of juicy sex talk. 

The Student Center was decked out in erotic decorations–condoms, sexual health pamphlets and penis-shaped confetti could be found on every table. To kick off the event, a guest speaker from the Office of Sexual and Interpersonal Wellness gave a presentation about consent, which led to a discussion about the journey of discovering self-pleasure and developing bodily autonomy, followed by a brief Q&A session. After the formalities, the festivities began with a game where students came up with words about sex using the letters of the alphabet and the winner received a rose petal vibrator. Afterward, participants played a  “How Much Do You Know About Sex?” Kahoot game. It was a cutthroat competition to see who had the most knowledge about the birds and the bees. 

Getting back to business, a speaker from the LGBTQA+ Center presented on sexual health and reinforced the meaning of consent, providing students with essential resources they may need for future sexual endeavors. The speaker emphasized how sexual desires can be different for everyone, so there should be no judgment or shame affiliated with having sex. The University’s LGBTQA+ Center is an inclusive environment that promotes identity expression and exploration and is open to all students. The center is located at 41 Park Row in Rooms 902 and 903. 

Afterward, there were a few high-stake rounds of sex bingo before the student-led Q&A panel began. The student panelists were incredibly poised and honest when answering even the most intimate questions. To end the Sex Party with a bang, there was a neon pink penis pinata containing phallic lollipops and vagina-shaped gummies that students could swing at to release their stress. 

While the RHA put together both an enjoyable and enlightening party for all to enjoy, some students believed there to be false advertising on the promotional flyers posted around the school. The promise of vibrators and other sex toys was rather misleading as the goodie bags handed out contained mini vibrator keychains with one setting. University sophomore Mikayla Murphy said, “I had fun playing the sex games and using the free condoms provided to make balloons, but I was looking forward to getting a free vibrator, so I was let down when I came home with this small vibrator keychain. How is this even supposed to work anyway?” 

Hopefully, the next installment will be even sillier and sexier, and the goodies will be full-sized. Overall, however, the Sex Party was a success, with many fun games and a wealth of sexual knowledge shared by both the experts and fellow classmates.