Update on the University Health Care center


Naomi Bitton

Although the University transferred to remote learning, the University Health Care center continues to offer services to students both on and off campus. For those who have university health insurance, it continues to be valid whether or not you are still in New York City. Additionally, the UHC remains open on campus on weekdays from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. The center allows students to report any symptoms they are experiencing on the patient portal and wait for a medical professional to contact them. If you are on campus, the UHC does not accept walk-in appointments and advises students to schedule an appointment at patient-pace.medicatconnect.com/ . For immediate appointments, students can call the center at (212) 346-1600.

The UHC understands that this period of change can be very challenging for students. While face-to-face interactions are not advised, the Counseling Center remains available for students to utilize and seek professional help. Though the counseling center is closed for in-person appointments, services are available remotely between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Students can visit www.pace.edu/counseling/coping-with-coronavirus for tips on how to emotionally cope with the current situation and for free smartphone applications that can be used for meditating, relaxing, falling asleep and journaling.

The Pace Press contacted two students currently living on and off-campus regarding whether they are currently utilizing the UHC and/or counseling center. University senior Michael Smith who is currently living on campus shared, “I have never been to the health center or used any of its resources.” Meanwhile, University sophomore Emily Drachman said, “I have been to the health center before and taken advantage of their resources. However, I have not recently used any of their services nor have I heard much about how to utilize them during this remote learning period.”

During this period of remote learning, the University will be conducting a  “deep cleaning of all public spaces across the University, including classrooms, meeting spaces, libraries, and cafeterias.” The UHC has informed that all high-touch areas such as stair railings, elevator buttons and doorknobs are being cleaned frequently on campus with a new disinfectant product, as opposed to “the usual cleaning spray.” They also added that all leased buildings have been working with the University to ensure they are also thoroughly cleaned. For more information on this matter, students can visit www.pace.edu/coronavirus.

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