Bruce Timm debuts latest Batman animation at Comic Con

Bruce Timm, best known for his work in the DC Animated Universe, makes his appearance at this year’s Comic Con to reveal his newest project “The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2”.

Born in 1961, Bruce Timm made his mark in the cartoon world as an animator. His earlier work included contributions for backdrop layouts of Warner Brothers shows such as “Blackstar”, “Flash Gordon”, “He-Man”, and even “The Lone Ranger”.

With the help of his Tiny Toons partner, Eric Radomski, Timm co-created and produced “Batman: The Animated Series”, bringing back the iconic detective comic hero that might’ve been otherwise lost. Based on the superhero known as Batman, who made his first appearance in detective comics issue #27, this series added to the DC Animated Universe and sparked a new interest amongst a lot of people for the almost forgotten story of a hero. With the exception of a few characters, Timm created virtually every character and design element in the series.

After the critical acclaim for this animated series, Timm started working on multiple other hero stories through animation, such as “Superman: The Animated Series”, “The New Batman Adventures”, “Batman Beyond”, “Justice League”and “Justice League Unlimited”.

Though Timm is an artist that helps create a lot of animated series, he has dipped into the acting role a few times by even throwing himself into the storyboard. His cameos have been included into three of his Batman series as being multiple characters, from a toyshop owner to the leader of a Joker gang.

With the many contributions Timm has had on his renditions of Batman, he does not seem to have an end in sight for his animations. During Comic Con Timm was present to talk about and present his newest addition to The Dark Knight Returns with “The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2”.

Set to release on DVD in early 2013, this second part movie continues off of the story line based around the fact that Batman, has come out of retirement and back into the crime-fighting scene. Returning as an older grimmer version of himself, Batman is using his end-justifies-the-means methods to clean up his beloved city. With this new outlook on crime stopping, Batman soon rampages on a collision course with the government and at one point even Superman.

In the DVD features of Batman, Timm talked about the fun, but also challenging aspects of portraying the hero. He mentions, “It’s always fun and difficult to cast Batman…The neat thing about Batman is [that] there are many different ways interpret the character; there isn’t just one perfect way.”

As the latest edition to the Dark Knight animated series, viewers were excited for a sneak peak at Comic Con, as was Timm. From the original “Batman: The Animated Series”, to the “Dark Knight Returns: Part 2”, neither Timm nor Batman show sign of slowing down.