Springsteen endorses Obama in deadlocked race to White House

When Oprah endorses a product, whether it is Spanx or the newest perfume, the entire consumer body goes into a spending rampage, taking her advice into much consideration.  The motivation to buy this product was simply created by a single force, Oprah.  Many have tried to copy this method and strategically implement it into their own system.

Recently, Bruce Springsteen has decided to hit the campaign trail alongside President Obama in hopes of contributing some positivity to his campaign.  Emulating Oprah’s endorsement tactic, the Obama campaign is very excited to have Springsteen on board and is sure that his commitment to this election will help gain voters through his influence over his fans.

Although Springsteen initially refused to openly support Obama like he did during the 2008 election, he had a change of heart and performed Oct. 18, at a campaign rally in Parma, Ohio alongside former President Bill Clinton.  That same day he was scheduled to perform in Ames, Iowa.

Springsteen is not the only high-time musician that is supporting Obama.  Jon Bon Jovi, Common, John Legend, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers and dozens of others have expressed their support for President Obama.  These artists are fawned over by many supportive fans that may take their political thought into account when trying to decide who the better candidate is.

Jakob Audino said that although he was not particularly fond of President Obama, he was partially persuaded when he found out one of his favorite musicians, Buddy Guy, was voting for him.  “Obama does not necessarily have my vote,” said Audino, “But to hear that someone I admire and listen to is voting for him kind of strengthens whatever support I do have for Obama.”

Leah Burgess, an english major, was a little unsure if musicians could define her political association.  When asked if her political opinion would be swayed if her favorite musician was in favor of a particular candidate, Burgess said, “If they supported a different candidate than I did, it would probably affect my opinion of them.  Maybe not enough to never buy their albums again but I would definitely change my opinion on them.”

Over seventy well known musicians have voiced their support for Obama.  Mitt Romney, however, has not exactly received much musical support from artists.  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Taylor Hicks and Kelly Clarkson make up the main body of musicians that openly support right-wing candidates.

Kid Rock has musically supported Romney, specifically in the state of Michigan where Romney asked him to get his vote out there.  What many find strange, however, is that Kid Rock is a boozing womanizer with an arrest record­­—a far cry from Romney’s own squeaky-clean image.

Regardless of who these singers may be and what fan bases they appeal to, it is evident that they will bring in a particular vote due to their endorsement.  However, an endorsement can only be put into action if it is voiced and made very clear.

John Legend, for example, is active on his Twitter account, sending out tweets affirming his vote for Obama in the upcoming election.  Legend has a following of over 3.9 million people.  If only 10,000 of those people vote for Obama due to the R&B singer’s support, that may be enough to possibly bring home the election for the left wing.

In addition, Miley Cyrus tweeted a picture of her with an Obama shirt asking her fans to “rock the vote.”  Although she was asking them to simply vote, a political affiliation was clearly seen in this picture and fans of the singer who are eligible to vote will probably do so due to her support.  Alicia Keys, a strong advocate for women’s rights, shot a video for the Obama campaign of her heading to Philadelphia trying to convince women there to get “fired up” for the President and encourage them to vote for him.

The difference between Romney and Obama’s musical endorsements appears to be that while Obama brings in muscicians who’s public images echoe his own, Romney’s attempt to appeal to a large number of voters leads to a motley crew of endorsements. There is certainly a difference for undecided voters between getting an endorsement from porn star Jenna Jameson and having Oprah Winfrey’s support.