New Arts Degree offers students greater chance at double major

On Dec. 3 the university revealed it’s plan to add a new arts major that would require only 36 credits. In an email sent the same day Prof. Derek Stroup, university Arts Advisor, said, “ The BA (Bachelor of Arts) is just 36 credits, so it’s great for double majoring or for students who want the freedom to continue to explore classes throughout the university. Also, there aren’t very many required classes in the BA, so within the art department, you can quickly move into the upper level classes or electives that interest you the most.”

For years the university has offered a Fine Arts major but with a 72 credit workload it was difficult for fine arts majors to double major. Even without a struggling economy fine arts majors have a difficult time finding work with just their degree alone. In a study completed by the National Association of Colleges and Employees, students graduating with degrees in accounting engineering, computer science, economics or business administration will have a more likely shot at receiving a job offer. The difficulty of employment is far from a new idea to any liberal arts major. The arts world has always been competitive one and without a second major to offer a cushion it can be vastly challenging to find work.

However the new 36 credit arts major allows students who are interested in pursuing a career in arts have more options. The new major was tailored perfectly for students interested in double majoring or completing multiple minors. Students won’t have to limit themselves to a single degree or a degree in a subject they are not passionate about. If a student is interested in art they can pursue a concentration in it while simultaneously finishing a program in another sector.

A double major helps students to be more versatile and knowledgeable in a wide variety of arenas. 36 credits is a small enough workload that anyone can complete the second major without sacrificing all their free time. Students who pursue a double major often need additional time to complete all the required coursework, resulting in additional loans and debt.

The majority of the 36 credit necessary to complete the major can be also be used to fill the University’s requirements for electives and AOKs. Arts professor Barbara Friedman described her excitement for major’s addition. Friedman stated, “I’m very excited about it and imagine that many students, particularly those who wanted to double-major in Art, will find it a very useful option.”

Undergraduate is the perfect time to explore interests and develop a greater sense of direction for the future. The new Art major is hoping to enrich interested students with a more attainable degree.