Marketing major moonlights as singer IvoryJay

Pace University, being the safe haven for creative minds, has introduced a variety of talented individuals, especially in regards to art and music. Jacira Araujo is just one of the many talented singers to have grace the hallways of Pace. She is a sophomore Marketing student that goes by the stage name of IvoryJay. Her life at the university and the city of New York has added more momentum in pursing her dreams of being a household name like many of her influences. Here are her answers to what Pace has offered her as well as her advice to many aspiring singers out there.

PP: What made you decide to be involved in music?

JA: Music was something that just came very natural to me. My family is heavily into music, there was never a silent moment in the house. I would always watch my idols perform on TV and I knew that one day I would love to be a part of that. So, as I grew older, my love for music grew too so I started getting more involved in the music scene and I’ve never stopped since then.

PP: How has living in NYC furthered your career?

JA: Living in NYC has definitely furthered my career in many ways. There is never a dull moment and everyone is always on their grind, and that already gives me more motivation to work harder especially on days where I’m just not feeling it and want to give up. I have also been fortunate enough to make great connections and meet a lot of really talented and inspirational people, which is great because I revolve around inspiration, that’s how I write my songs and from that I get ideas on how and what I want to promote in my music…I mean NYC is THE entertainment city, you just have to throw yourself out there and hope to get caught with the right arms.

PP: How has being at Pace helped you with your music?

JA: There is a lot of talent in this school, more than I had imagined there to be and it gave me an insight of what I am up against. Also, most of the friends I have made here at Pace are involved in the Entertainment industry in some type of way. They have taught me and showed me alot in the past two years, and I feel like I have become more accepting and open minded when it comes to experimenting with my music.

PP: What do you think sets you apart from other artists out there?

JA: I just always stay true to who I am and when I see that I am getting carried away I step back and remind myself why I started doing music in the first place. I’m like a sponge, I observe a lot and let my imagination run wild and I try to incorporate that into my music. I’m influenced by a lot of genres of music, especially from my hometown in Angola, I feel like I could bring that fresh new flavor into the mix.

PP: Any advice to aspiring singers on how to get started?

JA: Be patient, because it’s not all going to happen overnight, work harder than you did yesterday, and always remember that hope is the last to die.