Time is on The Rolling Stones’ side with the 50th anniversary

The Rolling Stones have been rocking the world for 50 years and are sharing the celebration with their fans. A new tour, album, documentary and even an art exhibit with a host of artists showing off their Rolling Stones inspired pieces are just a few tributes prepared for the iconic rockers.

The Rolling Stones are arguably one of the most influential rocks bands and it is no surprise they are being honored. The art exhibit and the tour are the band’s way of thanking fans for sticking with the band for so long.

GRRR! is the newest album by the legendary rock band is a five CD compilation of their greatest hits with two new studio recordings.

Largely aimed at the collector the GRRR! special edition release contains a five CD collection of greatest hits, a tour poster, a 36-page booklet and the unreleased first ever studio recording of The Rolling Stones back when very few knew who they were or how they would change the face of rock music.

If the CD does not satisfy those with a Rolling Stones”addiction, the group is set to perform at the Barclays Center along with two shows at the Prudential Center in Newark.

All tour dates have been given their own original art work and poster showing off the GRRR! album covers gorilla sporting the iconic Rolling Stones lips and tongue.

In addition to the CD and tour the “Symbolic London” presents “The Rolling Stones 50 years of Rocking the Art World: A celebration of the Rolling Stones” exhibit in New York.

The exhibit will contain a variety of pieces, from artists who have done album covers for The Rolling Stones in the past, to those influenced by the music that is known worldwide. Big name artists such as Jeff Koon and Ron English along with many other artists have come together to create Rolling Stone themed pieces.

John Pasche, the creator of the Rolling Stones iconic lips and tongue, will also have some of his personal art work on display. As a special treated limited editions of Andy Warhol’s famous “Mick Jagger” piece will be shown too. It is a rare item in the art community that has not typically been shown in art exhibits, so fans should catch it while it is still available for their viewing pleasure.

If all the other things still do not captivate fans the new documentary “Crossfire Hurricane” is being released soon on DVD, Blu-Ray, and is being offered on premium TV networks across the world. The documentary, directed by Brett Morgan, gives a personal look into the lives of The Rolling Stones during key parts of their career with archived footage and personal interviews.

The 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones has gone by with a media frenzy and fans couldn’t be happier with the wealth of new recordings, new shows, and a new documentary giving a backstage look at one of the most influential bands in history.