Picture clothing line adds flavor to any room


With four blank, white walls and stringent rules with what you can do with them, it is tough to exhibit creativity and self-expression in the dorms. Sure, the university bookstore offers the cliché dorm decor like banners and posters, but once those go up, the concern becomes what there is to do with the remaining ten feet of blank wall.

Trolling sites like Etsy and Pinterest and flipping through magazines are great ways to discover fresh new ways to decorate a dorm room. Many artisan crafters also provide step-by-step instructions for their products on YouTube accounts, and take into consideration cost and difficulty when demonstrating their crafts.

It is not a well-kept secret that bulletin boards and dry erase boards are great ways to stay organized and hang photos and mementos from memories past but for those who look for more unconventionally edgy designs, a photo “clothesline” is an adorable addition to any room. A photo clothesline allows you to display your pictures without crowding your desk or dresser with frames, or damaging dorm room walls with nails.

A lot of the necessary materials are thing found in most kitchens; scissors, twine, clothes pins, beads and of course photos.

Step 1) To begin, determine how much twine would be needed in order to cross the entire length (or width) of the dorm room, leaving about 6 inches extra on either site to be safe.


Step 2) Knot one end of the twine several times so that the knot is large enough that the beads will not slide off.


Step 3) Begin beading the twine – not enough to completely fill it as though it were a necklace or bracelet because it will be too heavy and likely fall or hang loosely. Leave several inches between each bead (you will adjust them on the clothes line hung.)


Step 4) Knot the other end of the twine once it has been beaded sufficiently.


Step 5) Adhere the twine to solid quality tack. Do the same for the other sides.


Step 6) Leaving a few beads between each picture, use the clothes pins to hang your photos. If you have a friendly relationship with your roommate, suggest you both put up alternating pictures – and put up some of you together.