The return of the boyband: ‘90s edition


Caitlin Mcnamara

Many may remember the good old days of denim maxi skirts, teen movies and perfectly coiffed boy bands singing and dancing in syncopation, otherwise known as the 90’s. For those who do remember rocking out to the decade’s finest boy bands on the, now horribly dated Walk mans , it’s been a nostalgic few weeks since the announcement of “The Package Tour.” Starting in May, 90’s kids around the US and Canada can purchase tickets to see New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, and 98 Degrees “re-unite…to unite.”

New Kids on the Block announced the plans for the tour on a recent episode of The View, which of course made the ladies of the audience scream. The band surprised fans even more when onto the stage sauntered the legendary Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. It’s safe to say the audience uniformly self-combusted.

According to the aptly named “Package Tour” website, the tour will kick off in Uncasville, Connecticut on May 31, and plans to wrap up mid July – though dates have been added to the tour because of the expected high demand for tickets. NKOTB have also announced a new album called “10” due to drop on April 2. According to, the bands all plan to perform separately in the line up starting with Boyz II Men, then 98 Degrees and finishing with New Kids on the Block.

Though no one seems to be complaining about this recent revival, one has to wonder,why now? Though they officially re-united in 2010, last year 90’s grunge band Soundgarden released their come back album “King Animal.” Their single “Live to Rise” made it’s way on the radio, although the album hasn’t been a favorite of the critics. gave the album a low 5.9, stating: “King Animal makes for a respectable display of Soundgarden’s proficiency, but lacks their once-imposing majesty.”

On the other hand’s review by Jon Dolan, said the album “shows they haven’t forgotten how to stomp out the jams: Thayil is still a warlock guitar conjurer of the first order, and Cornell rolls around his multi-octave vocal range like some kind of backwoods metal-Mariah.”

2012 was also a big year for No Doubt, as they released their album “Push and Shove” to some fanfare. Rolling Stone gave the album three stars out of five saying, “The songs are catchy, but Gwen Stefani doesn’t have the voice, or the gravitas, for grandiose tunes.” Nevertheless, the community on Rolling Stone’s website gave the album a half star extra, and the album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200.

The Spice Girls also made a bit of a comeback when they performed at the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. They then delighted fans, but not critics, with the Spice Girl Musical, Viva Forever. Though the band’s 2007-2008 reunion tour was a success, the girls seem to have no intention of getting back together.

With all this revival buzz, perhaps the boys of the 90’s thought this was the perfect time to re-dip their toes in the music scene. The Backstreet Boys even went on Good Morning America to announce their own reunion tour set to be held on a cruise ship. Perhaps everyone is jumping back on the bandwagon, or maybe it’s the recent resurgance of popularity.

The success of bands like The Wanted and One Direction has brought boy bands back into the spotlight. Both teenaged girls and college aged students alike seem to be obsessed with the catchy upbeat tunes these groups are turning out. It seems that the pros have come back to show these rookies how it’s done while making tons of money at the same time.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to be affecting how the public feels about the reunion. When asked about her feelings on the bands’ revival, senior Nairi Hartounian stated, “Even though I’m not really a fan, I think it’s awesome that they’re reuniting. A lot of people will be happy about it.” The boy bands are back and tickets are selling like hot cakes. Pre-sale tickets for “The Package Tour” came and went on January 25, but general tickets are on sale beginning February 2.

So whip out those platform sandals and crop tops because this “Summertime” it may be the last chance to be “True to your heart” and no one wants this extravaganza to “Pass them by.”

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