April Horoscopes


Owen McGonigle, Events Manager and Social Media Manager

Aries: Welcome to your season!  Even in self isolation, continue to be as bold as you can be.  Take control of how you want your life to go, and refrain from conforming to those around you.

Taurus: Relish in this chance to not leave your house (or even your bed).  Social distancing has probably been on your mind since birth, so take this time to recharge.

Gemini: Not being your typical social butterfly self might be putting some strain on your mentality right now.  Try to keep your spirits up: FaceTime your friends, maybe even host a Zoom party!

Cancer: Take this time to clean up your home space.  Organizing your surroundings will assist in organizing your mind, and overall life.  You need to have a stable exterior before you can maintain your stable interior.

Leo: Find the skill you want to refine, and use whatever free time you have to enhance.  Practice, repeat, and refine.

Virgo: Tidy up every aspect of your life.  Find the loose ends you’ve been trying to ignore, and face them head on.  You have the free time now to correct all the things you may want to correct.

Libra: Try not to get too stir crazy being inside and alone all day.  Keep up your social interactions (while maintaining social distance).

Scorpio: Being physically distant from your lover (or lovers) right now might be one of the greatest struggles on your mind right now.  Hold out, and find pleasure in yourself for the time being.

Sagittarius:  Make the little things in your life a mini adventure.  You may not be able to roam round and graze the way you used to, but there is still an ability to find some adventure in your mundane life.

Capricorn: Get to work.  Life is weird right now, but that does not mean that your grind has to stop.

Aquarius: Craft your energy and thoughts into the most unique and creative art you can form.  Use this time to become inspired.

Pisces: Usually I’d say to pull yourself out of your dream world, but due to circumstances, there is little to no harm in residing in your own little fantasy, as long as you don’t get to comfortable within it.