How to register for Fall 2020 classes from home


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Naomi Bitton

Though a majority of the University students and faculty are currently off-campus, students should meet virtually with their academic advisors to discuss schedule options for Fall 2020. Undergraduate registration for the Fall 2020 semester begins on April 20th. Regarding Fall 2020 being on-campus, University Provost released a statement saying, “It is [the University’s] hope and intention to resume our regular schedule of face-to-face classes across all three of our campuses for Fall 2020. But ultimately that decision will not be ours to make.” In addition, the University sent an email to students registered to study abroad in Fall 2020, stating that they should enroll in NYC classes. “This way,” the email states, “if your semester abroad program is canceled, you will have courses lined up here.” To get more information on the remote advising and registration process, The Pace Press virtually interviewed Mohini Gobin, a Dyson College of Arts academic advisor working specifically in the Pforzheimer Honors College, and Michelle MacLeod, a Lubin School of Business academic advisor.

When asked what the major differences are between the registration process before moving to remote learning and after, Gobin commented, “I think now our meetings for advising have changed because we are not only talking about what classes students will be taking next semester, but also discussing what each one’s adjustment has been like this semester.” Business students in Lubin must speak with an academic advisor about their schedule plan before registration. MacLeod mentioned, “Once students communicate with their advisor regarding… we move their Lubin advising hold, and they are eligible for registration!” According to Gobin, advisors are being conscious of how this large adjustment affects a student’s mental health. She also added, “Advising is now meeting online via Zoom, Facetime, or e-mail meetings, so not having a person in the room to talk to is something which we don’t traditionally do during advising season.” Each school within the University has its own way to handle advising and registration. To make registration as simple as possible, Gobin said advisors are trying to continue the same routine for registration, but they are now adding supplemental things such as being in contact more frequently and possibly prepare alternatives should Fall 2020 will be remote again.

In the Lubin School of Business, students can submit a registration approval form if they have a plan of courses they would like to enroll in. Lubin students can also join a Zoom “walk-in” advising meeting from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM between Mon, April 20th to Wed, April 22nd for any questions about registration. MacLeod recommends Lubin students to make an appointment with their advisor through OnTrack. Advisors are all available for phone or Zoom appointments, and students can also reach out to Lubin advising via [email protected].

In discussing the Pass/Fail option, Gobin noted that students should have a conversation with their advisors about changing a class to P/F before completing the COVID-19 Pass/Fail Form. Students should ask their advisor how a P/F can impact their financial aid or satisfactory academic progress. Students should be prepared what adjustments they may need to make should New York’s current situation not improve by the fall semester. Gobin concluded with a note for students, “ It is in students’ best interest to reach out to their advisor if they have not already. An important thing to keep in mind is that different advisors also have different caseloads, and some might be more occupied than usual.”

Completing registration for a semester with numerous uncertainties may be stressful for students. The Pace Press asked University Freshman Abby Weisman about her concerns with registration. Weisman said, “I am personally adjusted to this online semester so I feel like I am in a good state to register. I am anxious about New York’s situation how that will affect the Fall semester being on-campus or not. Having classes online again is not ideal for some people like myself, but I understand that this might be necessary.” Another student, University Sophomore Gracie McGreevy commented on registration saying, “I’m worried about making my schedule for being in person, then ending up online again. I would choose different classes and especially class times if I am not going to be on-campus.” Students can check the “Registration Status” section of My Pace Portal to find their registration date and time. Students can also find their advisor’s contact information by checking their OnTrack account.

Registration may feel different for students, but certain aspects are similar to typical registration styles. Students planning to study abroad Fall 2020 should still enroll in University classes. Lubin students can fill out a registration approval form if they are set in their course plan. According to University faculty, it is essential to virtually meet with your advisors now more than ever. Discuss your concerns or thoughts with advisors on the Pass/Fail option to determine if it is logical regarding your financial aid plan or major requirements.