May Horoscopes

May Horoscopes

Owen McGonigle, Events Manager/Social Media

Aries: Oh my, it is time for your cool-down season. Your season has just ended, and hopefully, you got to live out all your wildest, and most chaotic dreams then. In order to keep your balance, take this season to calm some of your personal fire.

Taurus: Welcome to your season, you little homebody. Perhaps an at-home quarantine is perfect for your ideal birth-season setting. While you’re home, take all the time you need to avoid your responsibilities, and frivolously spend your money.

Gemini: I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to my lovely Geminis, but take this earth season to ground yourself. Whether this be in your decisions, your personality, your future, etc. Use the earth season to your advantage.

Cancer: Similar to Taurus, you love to stay home. While you tend to stay within your own shell, this relaxed season will still resonate with you. Coming off of a water season, and then a fire season, you probably deserve this time to relax. (I understand Pisces season probably wrecked you).

Leo: Calm down. You probably let your inner fire blaze during Aries season, which probably fed your ego. Humble yourself.

Virgo: Aah, a Virgo in an earth season. Feel at ease with yourself, while still remaining organized. Take this time to declutter your personal space.  Once you do this, it will become easier to declutter your mind.

Libra: Similar to Gemini, you may want to take this season to ground yourself. Goal of the month: make a decision with no help.

Scorpio: Welcome to your opposite. You are probably in a relationship with a Taurus, hooking up with a Taurus, getting over a Taurus, or lusting over a Taurus. Try and get them to waste money on YOU.

Sagittarius: Quarantine is probably hitting y’all the most. Your desire to leave your space and travel could be eating away at you. However, keep your optimism intact. Remain positive, and you will be able to travel again.

Capricorn: At this point in the year, you have probably set about 25 goals for yourself, and have achieved about 25 of them. It is the perfect checkpoint in the year to set up even more goals to achieve!

Aquarius: This earth energy, which often comes with aspects of grounding and finding a solid foundation, might directly opposite the vibe you would like to exude. Because of this, you might found yourself pushing your personality outward more often this time of year.

Pisces: Being locked away during quarantine has allowed you to dream your days away. In the truest reality of it all, relish in your dreams while reality is seemingly at a halt.