A medley of quotes to get you through quarantine

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Brooke Salamone, Contributor

Inspirational quotes make the world go around. They make people laugh, cry, empathize and feel a whole array of emotions. While in quarantine, emotions may be running high and University students may feel a bit scattered. Whether they want to laugh, cry or just need some motivation, The Pace Press has compiled quotes from University students, professors, and of course, from social media, to get those emotions flowing.

From Fellow University Students

“Enjoy the nice weather, go for a walk, get a good run in, go for a drive,” said University junior Bennett Hausman. “Or start a new hobby, like cooking or baking or even start reading”

“If Britney Spears can get through 2007, we can get through this quarantine,” said University junior Colleen McGovern.

“Get organized! Go through old clothes and stuff and donate,” added Hausman.

“In a time of stress like this, use all your anger and energy to keep busy, and do something positive for yourself and others,” said University sophomore Mckenna Jennings.

“Lately I’ve been trying to pull out all my saved videos on TikTok and Facebook as I finally have access to ingredients and a hungry crowd,” shares University senior Kevin Gurdon. “Making a meal from start to finish has been one thing I can feel accomplished about each day.”

“Well look at the bright side, at least we’ll have a cool story to tell our future grandchildren,” shared University junior Allison Fisher.

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From University Faculty

“How deeply I miss the smiles on my student’s faces, and the odd looks when my point was a bit unclear,” shared Doctor Lawrence Hundersmarck, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies. ​ “How I miss the spontaneity, the humor, and the active engagement of thinking together in the dynamic interpersonal realm of a classroom. After almost four decades, it takes a pandemic to shock me with the realization of the depth of gratitude I feel as a professor.”

“Be kind to your parents, they are doing their best,” shares adjunct Communications Professor Gail-Ann Venzen. “Since this is the most time you are spending with them, you will see all their faults. Give them a break! Don’t let the traffic and congestion from your bed to your computer make you late to your online class.”

From Social Media and Beyond

Motivational quotes that are floating through social media…




No matter where University students are, quotes can change the track of the day. Whether they are funny or provide feelings of empowerment, it is something to enjoy in these times that are often stressful and taxing on each and every University student.