Five NYC-based creatives providing resources for Black Lives Matter



Bart Carmody, Arts Editor

As protests grow in numbers and frequency throughout the five boroughs and the outer city area, concerns pertaining to topics like resources, anonymity and potential arrests are becoming more recognized and addressed across social media. Many NYC-based creatives are creating online resources to assist those protesting as well—online anti-racism databases containing guides on how to dismantle white supremacy, a site that allows protestors to locate where their friends are being held in case of arrests and volunteer-run delivery services that drop care packages containing first aid supplies, masks, gloves, food and drink. Below is an in-depth look at these resources and the generous creatives behind them.

Patia’s Fantasy World’s Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism by Patia Borja and Patia’s Fantasy World

Outside of the protests, Patia Borja and her colleagues @realistic_lacefront and @saint.deepthroat are the leading Instagram account in terms of painfully relatable NYC memes.  Since the protests began, their page @patiasfantasyworld has been one of the most reliable beacons for useful resources on protest safety and information, tips on how to battle and unlearn racism and privilege and new developments in Black Lives Matter news. More recently, the creators, with the help of others, have compiled an extremely extensive master list on how an individual can take their own one-by-one steps to dismantle systemic racism, both extrinsically and intrinsically. The list includes organizations and individuals to donate to (both inside and outside the protests), an “anti-racism packet” by Jasmine Mitchell, mental health resources for black people, a list of Black NYC-based businesses to support, Black and anti-racism literature and podcasts and much more. The master list is the perfect starting point for anybody interested in getting as involved with the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement as they possibly can.

Creature Friend Finder by Danny Cole

NYC-based independent artist and professional non-profit event organizer Danny Cole has outdone himself by creating a resource for anybody who has had their friends arrested while demonstrating during the protests. “Creature Friend Finder” is a free-to-use online resource that recruits volunteers who are unable to protest physically and sets them up with an easy-to-navigate, at-home program that allows them to pinpoint the location where any protesters are being detained, even as the protests are underway. Previously restricted to NYC, the site now allows this service nationwide, available in every city, and even offers bail advocacy to those who need it. With an incredible amount of volunteers donating their time in cities high in protests like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minnesota, Portland and Boston, the resource is becoming more reliable by the day. To volunteer or to locate a friend, just contact @dannycoleee on Instagram or head to Remember to get all of your protestor buddies’ full names and dates of birth prior to heading to protest in the case of separation or arrest.


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Hand-painted protest signs by Black artist The Snoeman

NYC-based photographer and painter @thesnoeman on Instagram has been working overtime amid the protests. Teaming up with Procell Vintage and other distributors, the artist has been hand-painting powerful protest signs and supplying them for free at multiple points across the boroughs conveniently near protest locations. By picking up these signs, protestors can not only convey a powerful message like “FIGHT THE POWER,” “FINISH TRUMP,” “NYPD KILLS” and “POWER TO THE PEOPLE” in big, bold letters, but patrons would also be promoting the work of a talented independent Black artist while doing so. The signs can be found at Procell Vintage and in/around areas of protests on the days advertised on both of their Instagram accounts.

CITYKITS by Procell Vintage

Procell Vintage also has its hand in helping with the distribution of volunteer and donation-based “City Kits”—lunch-bag sized care packages that are being distributed to front-line protestors. The easy-to-carry packages contain bottled water, first aid supplies, masks, gloves, protein bars, hand sanitizers, earplugs, Gatorade and more. The renowned upscale vintage shop is also accepting donations, both with compensation through Venmo and other money-transferring services, and for free, if the donator is feeling so kind. If you are in the greater NYC area and are interested in donating or volunteering as a distributor, email [email protected] for inquiries.


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NYC: we are currently assembling free kits for protesters around the city. To donate or volunteer, email [email protected]

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Artist merchandise for funds by Rosehardt

Caleb Eberhardt, better known by his stage name, Rosehardt, is a Black self-produced R&B/hip-hop artist residing in Brooklyn. His most recent project, bluntly titled “how are you?” deals with mental health issues within the Black community and the turbulence of battling one’s own demons. With protests and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement shortly after the project’s release on Apr. 17, Rosehardt is feeling more vehement towards the mental wellness of his community than ever. To show his enthusiasm towards the cause, Rosehardt has debuted new album merchandise on his website with 100% of the profits gained being donated to the Act Blue Organization. The profits donated here will be split amongst 70+ funds and organizations that will all benefit Black Lives Matter and other organizations with a similar cause. Head to the “shop” section on his website,, to purchase a “how are you?” shirt with 100% of your purchase being donated to a worthy cause. You can also find him on Instagram @rosehardt.