October horoscopes


Owen McGonigle, Events Manager/Social Media

Aries: Welcome to your opposite. We welcomed this month with a full moon in Aries, so unleash the inner fire child that you were meant to be.

Taurus: I’d imagine that stay-at-home orders are right up your alley, so if you’re able to stay home, do it.

Gemini: On the other hand, staying home had probably put a dent in your usually social attitude. Try manifesting your social energy into other aspects of life such as your passions or career.

Cancer: Brace yourself; a water season is coming. You have not been communicating the issues beneath the surface. If you continue to hold off, they will explode in front of you.

Leo: I take it that you miss being the center of attention that you used to be. Use this time to flaunt yourself elsewhere. Perhaps become TikTok famous before the app is banned.

Virgo: Oh Virgo, I hope you spent the last month settling yourself into school, and your other life endeavors. If the past few months have taught you anything, it’s that you cannot plan ahead for everything.

Libra: Welcome to your season! Take this time to do all the things Libras do best: flirt, let loose, contemplate every decision you’ve ever made.

Scorpio: Oh lord, your season is next. You have been dealing with many struggles, both internal and external. Perhaps it is time to let go of the source of your problems. Standing close to the epicenter never brought any good news.

Sagittarius: The itch for an adventure does not always warrant one. Stay home, and stand your ground. There is no need to be traveling or finding temporary homes in a time like this.

Capricorn: Use this time to build the foundation of the empire you wish to create. Great power takes time, and every second wasted is one second farther from your goals.

Aquarius: You find yourself in a new chapter. Whether it is physical or mental, it is now your choice to write the upcoming pages. Write your own narrative, and take control of your life.

Pisces: The emotions that you’ve been sitting on for months are on the brink of spilling over. You have a choice: pour out your heart at your own pace, or face the wrath of the waves of your misery.