Last minute Halloween costume ideas based on your zodiac sign


Owen McGonigle, Events Manager/Social Media

In need of a last-minute Halloween costume? I’ve got you covered. Read for your sun sign, but you can also consider your moon sign as a second choice.

Aries: Something really chaotic. I’m picturing a blend of something cute and terrifying. Perhaps a terrifying murder toddler. Ah, maybe Chucky.

Taurus: A rock.

Gemini: Be Mary-Kate and Ashley. Both of them.

Cancer: Patrick Star. (Perhaps I am biased).

Leo: A literal disco ball.

Virgo: A ghost, but in the style where you just wear a sheet.

Libra: Dress as the last decision that you didn’t regret.

Scorpio: Taylor Swift during the Reputation era.

Sagittarius: Captain Marvel.

Capricorn: The Phantom of the Opera… or anything else that is brooding.

Aquarius: An alien. You’re out of this world.

Pisces: A Disney princess. You’re living in your own fantasy anyway.