December Horoscopes


Owen McGonigle, Events Manager/Social Media

Aries: Let’s start thinking about progress moving forward. Mars is currently in your sign! Manifest progression and passion for this month!

Taurus: However, next month Mars enters your sign. For now, I’d suggest keeping cool, and finding home in those around you.

Gemini: This current lunar eclipse in your sign is going to ask you to think about your relationships, both platonic and romantic. Who or what is not benefiting you?  

Cancer: Oh baby. We are a few weeks away from bleeding into your opposite sign. Take notes from the fire signs in your life, and look for some positives.

Leo: You’re in your element during fire seasons. This month, learn from Sagittarius, and find ways of trailblazing without overdoing it. 

Virgo: It’s possible you feel disheveled right now. However, the only person who can fix this is you. So think: what is in your control?

Libra: If you find yourself littered with loose ends in your life, it is time to choose: cut the cords, or tie them back together again. 

Scorpio: Coming off of your season, you might feel as though your emotional balance is out of wack. Use the warmth of a fire season to bring yourself back to a manageable state of being.

Sagittarius: Similar to Gemini, this eclipse will play with your mind and sense of perception. Ask yourself: is your inner circle actually there for you?

Capricorn: Get ready to land into your season. I’d say to start preparing now. Get your to-do lists ready, book your schedule, and tell your loved ones to start scheduling time with you three months in advance. 

Aquarius: Practice scheduled emotional release. Being vulnerable might be hard for you, but finding a constant outlet that feels comfortable to you might help in the long run. 

Pisces: Finding a sense of reality right now might seem a bit out of reach. With the state of the world being up in the air at all times, I’d suggest trying to find the ground.