Studying the Stars: Pisces


Owen McGonigle and Kendal Neel

Studying the Stars is officially diving into Pisces season with University seniors Tatum Cordy and Paige Purcell.

For anyone dying to get in touch with their inner Pisces, keep scrolling, because we’re about to give you the tell-all you have been waiting for.

Kendal: Hello Pace Press readers! You probably know this already, but I’m Kendal! I’m a junior English major with a concentration in Literature, Culture and Media. As for my chart, I am an Aries with a Taurus moon and rising.

Owen: I am Kendal’s co-writer, Owen! I am a senior double majoring in English Literature and Adolescent Education. My chart is Cancer sun, Pisces moon and Sagittarius rising. Today on “Studying the Stars,” we have two amazing Pisces women here with us! Would you like to introduce yourselves?

Tatum: My name’s Tatum! I’m an English Literature major, and I’m also a senior so I will be graduating in May! I am a Pisces with a Taurus moon and Virgo rising.

Kendal: Yes, finally! I found someone with the same moon as me!

Owen: Paige, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Paige: Sure! I’m Paige, I’m a senior majoring in Adolescent Education with an English concentration. I am also a Pisces with a Libra moon and a Sagittarius rising.

Owen: The commonalities in these charts are wild! That’s so interesting because when we do these segments, Kendal and I usually like to start by giving some background on our own personal experience with the sign we’re focusing on. To begin, I have a Pisces moon so as much as I like to act like I can’t stand Pisces, I know that I do deeply resonate with them on so many levels. Besides my dislike, I do tend to gravitate towards Pisces in general. Kendal, what about you?

Kendal:  I have two Pisces in my life. The first is my roommate from sophomore year, and she’s really the first Pisces female that I’ve ever come in contact with or gotten to know outside of my family. My aunt is also a Pisces and she can definitely be intense when she wants to be. I also have a Pisces Mercury and a Pisces Venus, which I definitely relate to when I think about typical Pisces attributes, but in the sense of my big three…I could not be more different than Pisces.

Tatum: I totally get it! I have a lot of Pisces in my chart beyond my sun sign as well!

Owen: When I think of Pisces, I think of the emotional, dreamy, misty, not-in-reality type of vibe. Have y’all heard of that stereotype and do you relate to it?

Paige:  Yes, 100%

Tatum: Absolutely.

Owen: Then I also want to ask you: if you could describe yourself in three words or a sentence how would you describe yourself?

Paige: I definitely relate to the dreamy description. I’d also say that sometimes I can be a bit spacey.

Tatum: I think escapism is one word I relate to a lot.

Kendal: I’m really glad you said escapism because even though I don’t have a lot of relationships with Pisces placements, I see that sense of escapism in my own Mercury and Venus. I’m usually drawn to things that are really imaginative and out-there. That’s why I think I love to read so much because I am so willing to buy into the story and the characters even if it’s not realistic.

Tatum: I completely agree! That’s all I’ve been doing this month. I’ve read at least 12 romance books, and there’s also a fantasy element on top of that which makes it even more addicting because of the magic and the slow-burn romance. Obviously, when you’re reading a book, the author is like “she has black hair and striking eyes,” but on the inside, I’m like “nope! She looks like me, I am the main character.” I don’t care what the character looks like, as long as I’m reading the book, I am the main character.

Kendal: I don’t know if you resonate with this at all, but I’ve noticed that Pisces or people with a lot of Pisces placements are really unlucky in love. If not unlucky, then stupid in love. Pardon the Lady Gaga reference, but I feel like Pisces placements will stay with someone even if they know it’s toxic and bad news, as it reminds them of a random love story they read in a book. You’ll convince yourself that the person is giving you what you need when in reality, they’re not treating you like the main character you are. Was that accurate for you all?

Owen: Yep! Okay Kendal, did you need to say it? We did not need to be attacked like that.

Kendal: I’m sorry, I had to get that out.

Owen: Paige, do you have a reaction to that?

Paige: I’m sure we’ll get to this, but right now I’m dating a Capricorn which definitely helps to balance out that side of myself that wants to give everything without thinking. They’re very stable, realistic and sharp. However, I can definitely relate to that in my last relationship. It was pretty bad, and I made the mistake of leaving too late because I put my whole heart into it.

Owen: There were two things I was going to say before Kendal took us on a train ride over there. The first thing I noticed is that all of the water signs here are involved in English Literature in some way, which I think is very telling. I know that Paige and I both teach English, but we’re also involved in the literary field in our personal lives which aligns perfectly with what Kendal just said. Secondly, I wanted to bring attention to the text I got from Tatum last night at 9:26 PM that read, “Sorry for the late response, I’ve been binging romantic comedies. Also tomorrow, we have to talk about Bridgerton!” Everything about that text just screams Pisces.

Tatum: I do not regret it one bit! It was so fun to watch the characters fall in love!

Kendal: It’s so funny that you would text him that because last year my roommate could always be found binge-watching the latest romance movie or show. She would always give me recommendations for the best romance movies to watch. If she wasn’t doing homework she was watching “Love is Blind” or Hallmark movies on YouTube. I think the general thing that I’ve noticed about Pisces women is that you all give off such an innocent, pure vibe. Even though you’re not, when I’m around Pisces women I want to be them because they romanticize their lives in the most innocent way.

Owen: I do not know how y’all feel about this, but I think that sense of purity is a water sign attribute, especially for Cancer and Pisces. Do you see that in yourselves or in another Pisces?

Paige: Yes, for sure.

Tatum: My entire immediate family is made up of Pisces suns, with the exception of my little sister. I’d say that I’m probably the most innocent out of my whole family. On the other hand, my mom is such a boss babe, so I would never look at her and think she’s the picture of innocence. When I look at her, I’m like “Oh my god she has her stuff together, I need to be like that.”

Owen: Now that we’re talking about the way that Pisces women come off, I’ve noticed that whenever I picture a Pisces woman, I picture a brunette with some sort of bangs. What a coincidence that we have Tatum with full bangs and Paige rocking the side bangs. Kendal, do you agree?

Kendal: I wholeheartedly agree with that. I feel like the Pisces women that I know do have their stuff together except when it comes to their emotions. They definitely know what they want. I think the innocence comes from the way that they carry themselves in social situations. Innocence isn’t the perfect word for it, but Pisces placements are very good at knowing when to intervene versus when to let it go and rise above. Does that make sense?

Tatum: Yes, I know what you mean. For example, at my job, I spend a lot of time working in a kitchen. Everyone always tells me that I’m so innocent and full of smiles and laughter, but that’s just because in those moments I don’t have anything groundbreaking to say. However, when I do have something that needs to be said, I don’t hesitate or hold back. I’ll be like, “listen up” and then I’ll revert back to my sweet nature. It’s like a switch almost.

Kendal: That’s how the Pisces women in my life are, especially my aunt. She is the most nurturing person, but the second you get on her bad side or do something to make her angry, she is not afraid to call you out and say what needs to be said.

Owen: Kendal, you mentioned earlier that you think that people with heavy Pisces placements throughout their chart have trouble with romance, so I want to dive a little deeper into that. I want to start with Paige because the whole time I’ve known you, you have had consistent romantic partners and interests. As a person who’s currently involved in a romantic entanglement do you think you have trouble with romance, or does it come easy to you?

Paige: That probably depends on who you ask.

Owen: What is your mentality like when it comes to relationships? On your end, do you feel like you bring your best to the table personally when it comes to love and romance?

Paige: When it comes to relationships, if I really do like you, then I become very devoted and I do think I can be a really good partner. However, my problems come in when I start to close off, which opens the door for other communication issues. I will readily admit that communication is probably the most difficult issue for me in relationships.

Owen: On the flip side, Tatum, the entire time that I have known you, you have had many inconsistent romantic encounters with various people. How do you feel like you are when it comes to romance?

Tatum: I think I’m fun! I think I’m cute, and I love to have a good time and get to know you. However, I won’t tell you anything about my actual emotions. I know that I’m good at reading people and I’m good at feeling the vibes, but you can’t know anything about me. One time, I went on a date with this guy (it didn’t work out), but he was like “tell me everything from your birth until now.” First of all, weird question for a first date, but we were already walking through a cemetery so I kind of just dismissed the awkwardness of it. I was like, “I’m not going to get into the trauma and the emotional stuff. You can know the baseline stuff about me, but I’m not going to get deep.” However, I wanted to know everything about him, so I could figure out what needed to be fixed.

Owen: First of all, I love that we just created Tatum’s whole dating profile in this interview. She goes “I won’t give you more than the surface… but I’m super fun!”

Kendal: I love that you brought up how good you are at reading people while simultaneously not wanting to reveal anything about yourself because I’ve noticed that’s such a water sign trait. I see the same tendencies in Scorpios. Not to call the water signs out, but you don’t want to share anything about yourselves until there’s an argument. They apologize by asking you to apologize for not knowing the random deep things about them that they refused to tell you in the first place. I don’t know if that’s something you all agree with, but that seems to be a common trait among many of the water signs I know.

Owen: Everyone in the chat has a Pisces placement in their big three, so we’re just trying to ignore the fact that we just got called out. My Pisces moon is hyper present in my personality so everything in me can relate to that as much as I don’t want to admit it.

Tatum: I can definitely confirm the lie radar though. I’m a good liar when I need to be and can immediately tell when someone is trying to pull a fast one on me.

Owen: Do you feel like you align with the Pisces stereotype?

Paige: Yeah, in a lot of ways. I like to think that I’m a little bit more independent than the stereotypical Pisces but other than that I’d say I align pretty well with the Pisces attributes.

Tatum: I definitely feel like I’m the stereotypical Pisces, both intentionally and unintentionally. I don’t know if it’s just my personality, but I’ve just been escaping in books and rom coms for as long as I can remember.

Owen: Kendal and I have had an ongoing debate about which elements our signs typically gravitate towards and as a water sign, I have always been romantically attracted to earth signs. I love a good earth sign. They’re so stable, homey and great to be around. Paige, I’m sure you can relate to that since you’re dating a Capricorn. So would agree that as water signs, we’re attracted to the feeling of stability and home that earth signs bring to the table?

Paige: For sure. I think stability is one of the big things that I’m very attracted to and happy about in this relationship.

Tatum: I don’t remember any of my past date’s signs enough to say if I specifically gravitate towards earth signs or not. I believe, my two exes were both born in the summer and I wouldn’t say that stability was necessarily at the forefront of either of those relationships.

Owen: What are you drawn to in relationships then?

Tatum: Umm… destructiveness. I’m trying to be better with that though.

Owen: Well Tatum, have you read any of my columns because I’m kind of with you there, girl. I feel like evolved water signs, like Paige, look for stability and that sense of home. Un-evolved water signs, however, look for the mess that we want to be stable. Un-evolved water signs will look at someone and say “Okay how are we going to fix this. How are we going to find this person who needs a therapist, become their therapist, and then also be their partner at the same time.” Is that your pattern?

Kendal: I don’t even have a water sign in my big three, but that’s exactly what I look for.

Tatum: I blame it on books and movies. The romance genre will tell you to go for the broken, brooding mysterious one.

Owen: I wanted to bring in a pop-culture example and get your take on it. Kendal, you’ll appreciate this one, but during the most recent season of “The Bachelorette”, we got to see two women lead the show. Clare Crawley, who starred in the first four episodes and then Tayshia Adams who was brought in after Clare left. For anyone who doesn’t know, Clare Crawley is a Pisces, and on night one she declared one man her husband. She pulled through four episodes before deciding that her heart was in one place. While the show painted Clare’s love story as a four-week-long ordeal, in reality, it was only two weeks.

Paige: Aren’t they broken up now?

Owen: Sadly, yes. She fell head over heels for this man very quickly, and I still feel like her heart is very deeply intertwined with his which I think is big Pisces energy. Would you all agree and align with that?

Tatum: Yes, I’ll go on one date with someone and then fantasize about the rest of my life with them. I thought everyone did that though… no? Just me? Okay.

Owen: No, I do that. I was talking to this one guy for two months and made an entire wedding Pinterest board with a theme, color scheme for the wedding party, and everything. We’re no longer speaking, but I still have it. The answer is yes; I do the same thing. It’s almost like I can’t control it. The minute we have our first date or encounter, my mind instantly starts wondering what our future together will look like.

Kendal: I have a wedding playlist for every guy I’ve ever dated so you’re not alone.

Owen: Paige would you agree that without even trying, you immediately start thinking about the long term with a person you’ve barely gotten to know?

Paige: Yeah, I think it’s hard not to think about that stuff. It comes too naturally. I guess it is very hard to live in the moment in a relationship for me. I don’t know if that’s a Pisces thing or not, but the future is always on my mind.

Owen: I want to bounce off of that because I think that’s a brilliant thing to mention that I haven’t thought of before. As someone who has a heavy Pisces influence in his chart, it’s so hard to live in the moment when it comes to romance. I’m always thinking of the future while treading through the past. As much as I’ve done the work to move on from the things in my past, I feel like the baggage and the things that I have romantically been through have never fully left me. I have this constant sense of duality where the future is constantly pulling me towards the wedding, but the past keeps reminding me of past events that led to heartbreak. Would y’all agree?

Tatum: Yeah, I think I’m constantly looking at that happy ending while simultaneously realizing that it will most likely end badly.

Kendal: I am absolutely disgusted by how much I resonate with the Pisces in my chart. I am the same way when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, I’ll immediately jump into a new romance without questioning whether I’ve done the work to process and accept the past and then it eventually catches up with me, so I’m stuck hoping for the future, but repeating and applying patterns from the past.

Owen: I agree. In the past, my mentor teacher has questioned whether I really even like the men I get involved with because each new potential love lives in constant relation to my ex. They’re never their own entity. I just constantly compare them to the people from my past. Does that apply to anyone else?

Kendal: Of course, it’s hard not to compare especially when you’ve gotten your heart broken. I can also relate to the idea that your relationship is always tethered to your ex, or in my case, my past bouts with anxiety because it’s so easy to imagine the worst. Going back to what Paige said, it’s difficult to let yourself feel at peace and live in the moment so you never really get the chance to enjoy the relationship and see how it could grow organically.

Owen: Unpacking all of this has been so telling. I feel like this has been the most revealing installment we’ve done so far. I think it says a lot that most of our conversation has been about romance. I’m a romance columnist, Tatum is a romance enthusiast, and Paige is a serial monogamist. Our entire lives are spent just finding things to love.

Tatum: It’s so true though!  I don’t know if this is a Pisces thing, but I love little trinkets and things that I can assign special meaning and value to. We collect everything. If I assign meaning to something, I’m going to hold onto it forever even if that meaning changes over time.

Owen: Do y’all feel like you’re an artistic individual?

Tatum: For sure. I have two literary projects going on right now that I bounce between. I get stuck in my fantasy novel all the time. I’m always thinking of ways that I can make my main character fall in love. Pisces are constantly consumed by the art they make in relation to what they want from their own lives or what’s missing from their lives. Writing really helps channel that desire and those wishes and fantasies in a healthy way.

Owen: It’s telling that water signs love to be writers because we have full control over the direction of the story. Do y’all feel like you’re constantly romanticizing your own lives? This is a safe space so you can admit it if you have. For example, pre-pandemic, I fully thought that I was Carrie Bradshaw walking down the streets of New York.

Tatum: Every class I go into, I’ll look at someone and think “oh we could get married.” Then I’ll be obsessed with them the rest of the semester. However, I have found that when I’m in an unfamiliar space I like to blend in with my surroundings. Unless I’m dressed up and in a full face of makeup on the subway, I want to go with the flow and fit in with the crowd.

Owen: I romanticize my life the most when I’m on the subway. When I worked in Times Square, I ride the train in my faux fur trench coat just blasting the “Stupid Love” leak. BIG Pisces energy.

Tatum: I listen to a lot of folk and Celtic music because it feels so dreamy and woodsy, so I can really give into my fantasies.

Owen: Paige, do you romanticize your life a little bit?

Paige: Yes, but I try really hard to keep it to myself. I agree with Tatum that in my head I’m imagining a million stories and scenarios.

Owen: I have two questions to ask to wrap up this interview. First, who were your favorite Disney princesses growing up?

Tatum: Belle and Ariel for sure.

Paige: Growing up, I loved Snow White.

Owen: Snow White has heavy water sign energy. My favorite is Cinderella, who I fully believe is a Pisces. Only a Pisces would sing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” So now that we have completely exposed ourselves as hopeless romantic water signs, what is one piece of advice you would give to your fellow Pisces placements going into the new year?

Tatum: Romanticize your life as much as you want! Who cares! Enjoy yourself and live in the dream world! Nothing is changing anytime soon so you might as well make the most of it and have some fun in your head.

Owen: Paige?

Paige: I don’t want to say the complete opposite, but be aware of reality and try to check yourself. Don’t let yourself space out and float into the abyss too much.

Owen: What a perfect way to wrap up because the Pisces symbol is two fish facing in opposite directions, so your advice is the perfect illustration of that duality between your two personalities. Thank you for such an incredible interview…I think we all needed a Pisces detox session.