Hotel Transylvania is the perfect way to slip into October

A time of bats, jack-o’-lanterns, and scary monsters, Halloween has entertained many of us with the hopes of being scared and scaring others. With the start of October just arriving there is no better way to get into the mood of Halloween than by seeing the newly released movie “Hotel Transylvania”.

Produced by Adam Sandler, “Hotel Transylvania” is an original animated movie that showcases the entire classic movie monsters pantheon in a scenario never thought of before. Count Dracula along with Frankenstein, a werewolf, mummy, and invisible man team up to give any viewer a laugh and to remind all of how scary they really are.

From the beginning of the story, Count Dracula has a dream to protect his daughter from the evil of mankind by building a hotel to keep them out. As a second purpose to the building, it serves as a yearly vacationing spot for all monsters that need a break after hiding from humans. Any creature from the abominable snowman to living skeletons appears in this hotel for a vacation.

In an attempt to keep his teenage daughter from leaving, Dracula stages a visit to a human village to show her that people are truly evil, but this trickery backs fires when the flame from the show attracts an actual adventurous teenage human to the hotel. Trying to keep the boy hidden, the Count blends him in with the other monsters.

Trying to continue on with the horrifically boring celebrations scheduled for the Hotel, the human boy manages to stir up excitement. From arranging zombie parties to flying table races, he attracts everyone’s attention, and even the interest of the count’s daughter.

The excitement for the surreal is made possible right when the first monster walks through the door, with witch maids, zombie bellboys, and ghostly security guards The effects from this animated movie served well to show the magic flowing from the witches’ hands to clean and zombie heads rolling as the rest of their bodies run with the luggage. It’s almost unbelievable how smooth and fast the animation along with camera angles go into this movie to show monsters flying around, vampires turning into bats, mummies casting tornadoes of sand, monsters throwing body parts across the room, and much more.

Along with these creative effects these monsters are even voiced by some very familiar Hollywood names. Adam Sandler not only producer also stars as the main star, Dracula, with Selena Gomez voicing his daughter. SNL stars Andy Samberg and David Spade lend their voice as the teenage boy and the invisible man. Then to wrap some of these names up with the mummy, Cello Green pumps onto the scene with his singing voice.

From famous actors to almost realistic effects, this animated Halloween flick throws all viewers into a frenzy that makes anyone excited for the upcoming holiday. Scary monsters that everyone knows, along with an awesome sound track, this movie is sure to give anyone a good trip out to the movies with a great laugh and a wish that it could always be Halloween.