In-person sports return to NYC



Truth Headlam, Staff Writer

The National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association are among several sporting leagues that have reinstated in-person games.

This is a major step for both leagues and it brings a sense of normalcy that fled when stadiums and arenas restricted fans from attending games at the start of last year.

For the NHL, each team has set individual dates for allowing fans back to the stadium.

The NBA plans to have fans attending most games in a limited capacity starting March 17, according to Sports Travel Magazine.

While the capacity limit is set to vary from team to team, based on the directions of state and local health officials, some teams are expected to have up to 4,000 fans in attendance.

The NBA website lists more specific information on in-person attendance depending on the team and arena.

According to an NBA safety memo released November 2020, regulations for allowing fans to attend games include banning court-side seats, mandatory health surveys for all fans and a minimum of 15 feet between the first row fans and team bench.

COVID-19 testing is also mandatory for fans seated within 30 feet of the court. The test must be taken no more than 48 hours before the start of the game and those fans will not be allowed to eat or drink in that area.

No alterations to the safety memo for the NBA or NHL have been announced but with some states planning to remove face masks mandates, the public is eager to find out how both leagues plan to adjust their own mandates.

As of today, there are 15 states that have removed or are planning to remove mask mandates including Texas, Georgia and Florida which are home states for NBA and NHL teams.