Studying the Stars: Aries


Owen McGonigle and Kendal Neel

In the latest installment of Studying the Stars, we sat down with University students and fellow Aries queens, Brooke Sufrin and Veronica Reyes, to get all the juicy details on the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac!

Owen: Hello! For those of you who are new here, my name is Owen! I am a Cancer sun, a Pisces moon, and a Sagittarius rising. I never considered myself an Aries person until I started reflecting on all the people that I idolize in life and I realized that…they’re all Aries women! Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker… all of these women I have admired for so long are Aries! Kendal, I know you have a very different experience. Would you like to share?

Kendal: Yes! I am an Aries with a double Taurus moon and rising. However, when it comes to other Aries figures in my life, Brooke and Veronica, our guests, are the only other Aries females I really know. I can’t think of many other Aries women I have been able to keep a long-term friendship with. As far as Aries men go, I have dated an Aries man and I made a promise to myself that I would never ever do that again.

Owen: Now let’s have our Aries guests introduce themselves! Veronica, would you like to start?

Veronica: Hi! I’m Veronica and I am an Aries with a Pisces moon and a Capricorn rising. I actually learned about horoscopes through Kendal! I didn’t necessarily know what the signs were or really believe in them until she started teaching me about my own chart to which I said “oh my gosh, this literally describes my personality perfectly.” I’m loud, outgoing, and very energetic.

Brooke: Hey! I’m Brooke and I am an Aries with a Sagittarius moon and a Cancer rising. I’ve always heavily identified with the Aries characteristics and thought that it suited me well. Besides Kendal, my boyfriend is also an Aries. I’m not super familiar with the male Aries characteristics, but Chris and I fit together very well, personality-wise.

Owen: Brooke, I want to start by asking you to pick three words to describe yourself.

Brooke: Empathetic, driven, and passionate.

Owen: Veronica, what about you?

Veronica: I’d definitely say energetic, compassionate, and very loving.

Owen: Kendal, as our resident Aries woman on The Pace Press you should tell us three describing words as well.

Kendal: I’d have to agree with the word, passionate. I think all three of us can say that we are the type of people to give 100% of ourselves throughout everything that we do. Whether that’s in the work environment, in our love lives or friendships, we don’t do anything halfheartedly. I’m also very persistent, especially in terms of relationships. If I like you then I am going to do everything I can to be with you and then I’m going to drop you because Aries’ also have an issue with getting bored too easily. Lastly, I would say I’m very independent. I think every Aries has an “I don’t need a man” attitude.

Owen: As an outsider, I think one of the most common Aries stereotypes is that they’re very hot-headed and brash. There’s this belief that everything you do is heightened to the max. Even if it’s a bad decision, Aries are always zero or one-hundred. There is no in-between. Do you think y’all align with that description?

Brooke: I would definitely say that I give 110% of myself all the time. If I commit myself to something and I’m putting my name on it, then you can bet it’s going to be everything you asked for and more. However, I don’t think I’m hot-headed. I’m very passionate and I can absolutely be emotional, but I like to think I’m more logical and rational most of the time. If I’m angry or upset, I have a reason and I will spend time trying to find the proper way to voice that, but I won’t just lash out without meaning or thought. I can count on one hand the number of serious fights I’ve been in and they’ve all been solved with compassion and logic.

Veronica: I’m the same way. I know exactly what I want and don’t want and I will not budge on that. If I want something then I will do everything in my power to make sure that I get it, but if it’s something I’m not as passionate about then I will put it aside and never look at it again. I also wouldn’t say that I am hot-headed. I think there’s a very fine line between passionate and hot-headed and I’m not the type of person to get into fights or anything of that nature. I actually hate confrontation and will do anything I can to avoid it. I might let the anger simmer inside, but it will never see the light of day and I won’t actually take action on it.

Kendal: Y’all are lucky that you’re not hot-headed because if you know me, then you’ve probably seen me lose my cool a few times. I tend to be very impulsive, so if I’m angry then I have no problem telling you why right then and there. It takes a lot for me to have a full Aries rage moment, but when it happens…watch out.

Owen: Kendal and Brooke, you both mentioned that you either are or have been in a relationship with an Aries male. With that being said, something I’ve noticed about Aries men is that they’re all babies. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but Aries is the youngest sign of the zodiac so it makes sense that they’ve always given off that child-like vibe. Kendal, can you back that up?

Kendal: My Aries relationship was a bit of a whirlwind. He was very similar to me in that he would also jump into relationships without really thinking about whether it was a good decision or not. However, once that honeymoon phase wore off and I realized that I really didn’t want to be there, that’s where our differences came in. I was ready to call it quits and jump ship immediately, but he wanted to stick it out and was already talking about marriage. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, but Aries men take it to a new level where it’s clingy and toxic, so it tends to look more immature and childlike.

Owen: Brooke, when I look at you and Chris, I see you in charge and steering the ship. It’s not so much so that there’s no balance, but the innate driving force within the Aries woman comes out in your relationship a lot.

Brooke: Let me elaborate on that. Chris is similar to me in that if there’s something he doesn’t want to do or doesn’t want to be a part of then he won’t entertain it at all. That’s why I’ve never had doubts about our relationship because I know that if he didn’t want to be here, he wouldn’t be. He really is my rock and I value that stability and maturity. We’re also both old souls, which sounds so cliche to say, but we share a lot of the same viewpoints and feelings on things which has added a lot of depth to our relationship.

Kendal: Yeah, I definitely see that from you guys which is why you and your relationship has become something that I look up to so much. I think everyone should strive for the stability and passion that you two have.

Brooke: Yeah, he’s easily my favorite person to talk to. I think that to outsiders it can come off like I am the one in charge, but I think that’s just because I’m more vocal than he is. He definitely can take the back seat when it comes to certain things. If anything, I help guide him, but he meets me halfway every single time. If I absolutely had to pick who is more in charge, I guess I would say me, but that’s just because he’s a gentleman and I’m just louder.

Owen: Actually, I think that’s the beauty of a same-sign relationship in the sense that you have similar qualities but are able to find the perfect balance when it comes to your differences. It’s always been the exact opposite for me and my Capricorn relationships, so it’s really refreshing to see a relationship like yours even when you take the zodiac factor out of it.

Kendal: Now that I’m thinking about it, I feel like I didn’t enjoy dating my Aries ex because all of the characteristics and traits that I don’t like about myself are things I saw in him, but in a heightened way. That sounds terrible, but it really made me take a closer look at myself and my flaws.

Owen: Veronica, have you ever been with an Aries?

Veronica: No, I haven’t, but every Aries guy that I’ve ever met has been horrible. They’re so needy and I am so independent, so the last thing I need is someone who can’t respect when I want to do my own thing. I don’t like to do what other people tell me to do. I love to break boundaries and I need someone who can complement that. I feel like if I was with an Aries male, I wouldn’t have enough breathing room to really thrive as my own person. It’s just way too much energy for me.

Kendal: I completely agree with that because I kind of felt the same way in my Aries relationship. There was no space. It was always “let’s spend every minute together,” or “let’s get married,” or “run away with me.” After a while, I just wanted to scream “NO!”

Owen: Veronica, do you have repeated sign that you always fall for?

Veronica: It’s so strange because I would never ever want to be in a relationship with an Aries, but I always tend to gravitate towards Aries women when it comes to friendship. In college especially I have really grown my circle of friends and most of them are Aries women. I think I’ve only ever met one Aries woman that I didn’t get along with.

Kendal: In terms of guys though she loves Gemini men. If I had a dime for every photo of Tom Holland we have sent to one another over the last year… It’s always the air signs.

Owen: Fire and air signs just have so much energy that it works so seamlessly which is why I think y’all have always found yourselves with fire and air sign men.

Kendal: Air signs have this reputation for being emotionally detached and unattainable, but that’s where that Aries persistence comes in because we will not stop until we crack the code. It’s like a project for us.

Owen: I’ve never been in a serious relationship with an Aries. I’ve had little rendezvous here and there and week-long little flings, but nothing more than that. It always felt like there was a disconnect between me and the Aries when it came to transitioning from the talking stage to the dating stage. We were never on the same page and I was always left asking what’s next. They’d be like “let’s keep this fun and meet up every once in a while” and I was always like “I’m ready for matrimony.”

Kendal: I think the difference between fire signs and the rest of the zodiac is communication skills. Brooke, Veronica, and I are great when it comes to putting our thoughts and feelings out there. When we want something, we are going to tell you immediately. Sometimes it comes out rational and thoughtful and other times we throw caution to the wind and have no filter. Either way, communication is never a problem for us. With other signs, the communication is just so different.

Veronica: Agreed, I am very much my own person and I live by that; I’m not going to suppress myself for the sake of saving face.

Brooke: I agree with that to an extent. I am very much an open book and I don’t really care if you like me or not; take me as I am. I am always going to be kind, compassionate, and real because that’s just who I am, and people aren’t always going to like it. However, I’m not the type of person to just cut people out when things come up; that kind of thing really depends on the person. I never forgive and forget, but I do forgive and learn.

Owen: I totally hear you! I feel like that attests to the true nature of Aries being compassionate people. As I mentioned earlier, Aries don’t do anything half-heartedly so if they choose to keep you in their lives then they’re going to go out of their way to give that extra dose of kindness and love.

Brooke: I think that heightened emotional side is why we get branded as hot-headed because we feel everything so deeply and then end up projecting without meaning to. The few times that Chris and I have fought, it was always because our emotions and our passion for each other was running high so we ended up taking it out on each other.

Kendal: I’m glad you mentioned fire sign arguments because I’ve noticed that all of the people in my life that I argue with the most fall in the fire sign category. It’s always my Leo friends.

Owen: Have you guys noticed a pattern of signs that you see in your friendships?

Brooke: Yes, actually. I was eager to touch on that because I have so many Taurus friends. My roommate and my three best friends from home are all Taurus born around the same time. We do bicker sometimes, but it reads as more of a friendly banter than anything else.

Owen: That’s hilarious because I’ve always been the one to say that neighbor signs don’t get along. For example, Cancers and Leos should never be in the same room because they do not get along. However, I think there are two neighboring pairs that are the exception to that rule and I think Aries and Taurus is one of them because Taurus are almost like the mellowed-out version of what an Aries is. What about the rest of y’all?

Kendal: I could see that because I’m an Aries with a Taurus moon and rising and I think the Taurus in me offsets the Aries a lot. However, I don’t have a lot of Taurus in my life at all. Actually, I’d say that’s one of the signs that I have issues with.

Brooke: Kendal, don’t hate me for this, but I always find myself having issues with Aquarius people. There are very few Aquarians that I feel like I’ve clicked with on a deeper level.

Owen: Me too! I’ve never been able to sustain a deep Aquarius friendship for more than a few months. Their facade is so different from who they are internally and that’s really hard for me to deal with as a Cancer who is very in touch with their emotions all the time.

Kendal: It’s so funny because Veronica and I hang out with the same people, and we’re the only fire signs in the group. Everyone else is either an earth sign or a water sign so we really rely on each other for that intense energy, and we play off of each other really well too.

Veronica: We are the embodiment of the word “fiery.” We are literally the same person! If you put us in a room together…it gets wild because it’s just the culmination of all our Aries energy and personality traits.

Owen: For sure! I remember the first time I met Brooke I could sense the fire immediately. You guys have a very distinct aura that you give off and when y’all get mad…look out.

Kendal: That’s why I love ranting to other Aries because they hype you up and will get mad with you. They will match your energy and validate that anger.

Veronica: If I’m angry at something, Kendal is the first person I text because I know she’ll back me up.

Owen: Having worked with both Kendal and Brooke, I can honestly say that they are the people I go to first especially if I need an answer immediately.

Brooke: I’m glad you said that Owen because I have found that what I really value is efficiency. I’ve worked in various work settings and I need people who are ready to be efficient and resilient. That doesn’t mean that you need to work yourself to death but be on your A-game and have a fire inside of you.  If someone is able to match that energy and is really working to get things done with me then I really respect that because I don’t like to wait around.

Veronica: I couldn’t agree more! I had an internship at a fashion magazine this past semester and it really opened my eyes to what I want and need out of a career. I am the type of person who will go above and beyond to produce quality content, but I also need to work with people who will meet me halfway and be constructive with me. I like getting guidance and it’s really frustrating for me if I’m giving 100%, but my boss or my colleagues aren’t actively trying to work with me and give their all in return. I have always liked to work, and I love learning lessons from being in the workplace, but I can’t do that if I’m the only one who seems to care. I have a picture of what I want my life and my career to look like and I don’t take well to people who hold me back from being able to learn things and gain access to the tools I need to reach that dream image I have of my future.

Kendal: That’s so true, you worked tirelessly for that internship!

Veronica: Yeah, I will do anything I can to get where I want to go. I love asking questions and I’m a very quick learner, but I need that same communication and work style from those around me.

Brooke: I’m the same way, Veronica. I value feedback. If I did something wrong or my work isn’t up to par, then please tell me why. I don’t mind criticism because it motivates me to reach my full potential. That’s where our competitive side comes in as well because we want to prove everyone wrong and show that we can be the best.

Owen: Bouncing off of Brooke’s comment, I think that as much as Aries need feedback, they also need validation and appreciation.

Brooke: Yes, please! More praise!

Veronica: Yep! Nothing feels better than working your hardest and exceeding everyone’s expectations. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and just being rude. Tell me what I need to fix, but don’t be afraid to throw some words of encouragement or a compliment in there.

Kendal: Aries women are like “give me feedback, but also tell me I’m pretty.” We love words of affirmation. For me, nothing is worse than putting in the work and then not receiving the deserved praise or positive reinforcement needed to further motivate myself.

Veronica: Aries don’t hold grudges often, but when we do it’s almost always because of our work. If you’re going to demolish all of the hard work I put in and not even give me any feedback, then that’s really difficult for me to look past because you’re not helping me further myself.

Brooke: It’s funny you bring up grudges because I have found that I tend to hold a lot of resentment. I feel like I give a lot in every relationship, friendship, and encounter that I have, and I don’t ask for a lot in return. On the rare occasion that I need something and they don’t give me what I expect or what I would have given them in return had the roles been reversed, I hold resentment to that. After that, I’m still going to be friendly and civil, but that resentment has definitely rooted itself and isn’t going anywhere.

Owen: I think that’s perfectly warranted! It can be exhausting to constantly give so much of yourself and not receive equal treatment in return. I think that can definitely apply to the workplace as well because it’s tough to see others who do half as much work as you get undeserved praise or progression.

Kendal: We are constantly hyping everyone else up and are always trying to be the person that everyone else needs so to come in contact with someone who takes that for granted and doesn’t try in return is something we take note of.

Veronica: We’re not asking for repayment, but just treat us the way you wanted to be treated. However, if it gets to a certain point then I will just move on from you because I don’t like confrontation and it’s not worth a whole fight. I’ll be polite, but I’m not going to go out of my way to be extra nice anymore.

Brooke: Same! I’m not going to be fake and if asked about it I’ll express my disappointment, but I’m not going to waste my time giving energy when it’s not being reciprocated.

Kendal: I wish I was more like that. I have a really hard time staying silent when someone has upset me, and I don’t always handle it with grace like the two of you do. I wish I had a water moon like all of you because my Taurus moon just adds to my stubborn nature and fuels that need for confrontation.

Owen: I have seen both Brooke and Kendal very mad and I have noticed that the two of you handle things very differently. When Brooke is angry, she approaches it with facts and objective logic, but when Kendal is angry it’s just a jumble of passionate, barely restrained rage and emotion.

Veronica: I feel like I fall right in the middle of that. If I’m angry at someone, I will handle it gracefully with them and then completely go off to my closest friends and let them see the full range of my emotions. I’m not always really sure how to go about confrontation without it becoming a disaster where I get nervous and let my emotions get the best of me, so I tend to save my big emotions for the people I trust the most.

Brooke: That’s understandable. Confrontation is tricky. I’d almost rather confront someone if I’m standing up for someone else than on my own behalf. It’s hard to know when to let it out and when to keep your cool and be professional.

Kendal: I’ve noticed that about you as well, Veronica. You’re very geared towards justice. If someone else that you care about is being wronged, you’re always the first friend to step up and be there for them. I think Aries women have a selfless side that no one really talks about.

Brooke: I agree! However, I have been called self-absorbed before and that really has stuck with me. Of course, I do love myself and I’m not afraid to say that. I am my own biggest fan, but I also love to do things for other people. I want to be an advocate for others as well as myself which is what I think throws people off and makes them think we’re self-absorbed. They can’t fathom a world where can do both. Just because we’re focused on ourselves and our goals doesn’t mean that we don’t show up for others.

Owen: I think what you’re describing here is men not wanting to see the success of driven women.

Veronica: Yes! That drives me crazy and that is why I like to stand up and advocate for others so much because those are the kinds of issues that affect a vast majority of people, not just me.

Kendal: However, as an Aries woman I can’t deny that we do love to be right.

Brooke: Yes, to a fault.

Kendal: I love to argue and if I truly believe that I am right then I’m going to keep hitting back until you admit that. That’s why in relationships I need someone who can hold their ground in an argument.

Veronica: Same, I will go to great lengths to prove I’m right as long as it’s a subject I feel passionate about. I refuse to be a doormat for someone to just walk all over and say anything to.

Kendal: Something that I’ve always heard from other people is that I’m “too much” and I’m sure that’s something you all can attest to as well.

Veronica: Yes, I am loud, opinionated, and very extroverted. I get bored easily and I like to be constantly evolving and moving. I’ve learned that people love to hate on those who are unbothered and unapologetic.

Owen: What is one piece of advice you would give to your fellow Aries kings and queens for the upcoming year?

Brooke: Aries are always striving to do the most and this pandemic has really hindered our ability to live up to that so this year, even if it’s not exactly how you imagined it, find little ways to continue to do the most because the world needs that energy right now.

Owen: Veronica?

Veronica: Hold your ground. Take advantage of every single opportunity thrown your way and every single moment. Be steadfast in your decisions and your personality and don’t let anyone throw you off your game.

Owen: Wise words from an Aries goddess! Brooke and Veronica, thank you so much for being here and giving us the inside scoop on the first fire sign. I know I definitely feel motivated to take this upcoming Aries season by the horns!