Take a tour of NYC one cupcake at a time


Ashely Spencer

Sugartooth Tours will show people the sweeter side of NYC with their desert tours. Currently, Sugartooth offers two types of tours, Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen and the Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan.

Sugartooth Tours is the work of two friends Allyson Tolbert and Sarah Rolleston. The two met while performing in a traveling version of Beauty and the Beast. Soon they became friends and they were living together in Hell’s Kitchen. One summer, in an effort to celebrate Tolbert’s birthday, Rolleston began looking for ice cream tours. Unfortunately, Rolleston was unable to find any such tours, so she did the next best thing and planned her own tour of the best ice cream shops in the city. Tolbert, a huge fan of the frozen desert, was incredibly excited at the prospect and welcomed the gift that would eventually spark the idea for an all out desert tour.

Later Tolbert and Rollenston went back to the drawing board and created a desert tour for the Hell’s Kitchen. The tour was largely successful, offering a variety of sweets confections, from baklava to candied yam cookies. The two then began to create more tours throughout the city. There are specialty holiday tours and season desert shops in addition to the ye ar round Hells Kitchen tour. The newest tour added to the line up is the Cupcake Crawl. Beginning at Sprinkles Cupcakes on 60th St the tour works it’s way across Manhattan. In just under three hours every-one on the tour will have tired six cupcakes in a variety of flavors. During the tour, walking and the subway are both utilized.

The tour weaves its way through midtown and the theater district all the way down to Greenwich Village. Along the way some truly delicious deserts are offered in some very unexpected places. Some of the stops may be known to the general public but Tolbert and Rolleston really found some hidden hot spots for the tour. Walking to the bakeries is half the fun as Tolbert and Rolleston discuss the history of not only the desert but also the districts and architecture of the city.

The most remarkable part however may be how much time the two have actually spent planning the types of cupcakes available to try. Typical flavors like carrot and banana are done to perfection. More unusual cupcakes like the Breakfast of Champions and a gluten free chocolate cupcake are both some of the offering found on the tour. Tours can be groups as small as three and as large as sixteen. Private tours are also available for those with unique allergies or those looking the change up the routine.

Sugartooth Tours are the perfect way to pass time before a show, or just enjoy some sweets with friends.


All photos by: Olivia Beteta