Beats for the heat: your summer Press-Playlist

Jaeden Pinder, Arts Editor

Summer is here and the city is as lively as ever. It would be a disservice to say that New York is back to “normal” as the city has reached an unfathomable level of elation beyond what existed before the pandemic. Still, with businesses opening back up, unease is decreasing, people are more excited, and this summer’s music is a tangible expression of this relief and happiness.

This summer is all about gratification and bliss in its purest form, and to celebrate, the staff at The Pace Press has picked their top songs to share with the University! 

Chock full of Y2K throwbacks and recent releases from both established and contemporary artists, this summer is going to be big, and this playlist personified this vivaciousness. Whether you prefer smooth sailing in Geneva with Tyler, the Creator, or dancing in a moody nightclub with Doja Cat, this playlist is sure to match your mood. From electric Saturday soirées to red hot afternoons, here’s your Press-Playlist for this unforgettable summer.

Tyler, the Creator – CORSO

“CORSO” (and every song on “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”) has so many layers that with each listen I recognize something new. There are synths hiding underneath the breakdown and clever lyrics (“I could go in the wintertime, baby, I bleed sun”); even in its short duration, Tyler switches up his flow so many times but never falters, instead embellishing its accompanying beat switch. I can only imagine how this will be a crowd favorite when Tyler returns to live shows. – Jaeden Pinder

Britney Spears – Lucky 

In honor of the legendary, brave woman who gave a raw testimony on June 23rd about her conservatorship of 13 years, I chose one of my favorite songs of hers, “Lucky.” This song is about a beautiful Hollywood star who feels sad and lonely on the inside despite her life of fame. The fact that this song came out in 2000 makes it feels heavier now because of the eerie parallel to Britney’s current situation. Stream “Lucky” and #FREEBRITNEY! – Grace Potter

MARINA – Venus Fly Trap

MARINA is able to create an inventive and gorgeous new feeling each time she releases a project, and her latest record, “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land,” is a testament to that. Much of the album contains social commentary on climate change, femininity, capitalism, and sexism in a bold way and upfront. “Venus Fly Trap” is one of my favorites on the album; it is such a fun summer bop that shows the evolution of MARINA as an artist. – Britni Dunn

Glass Animals – Heat Waves 

“Heat Waves” by Glass Animals is very accurate right now for this neverending heatwave we are having. Even if you’re just hanging out with your friends and trying to outlast the heat, this song is perfect for any mood. Glass Animals capture that exact feeling of being stuck in a hot spell through this song. I’m having this track on repeat all summer long! – Kayla Buyega

WILLOW – Lipstick

I have been anxiously awaiting WILLOW’s newest album, “lately i feel EVERYTHING,” but now that this single has been released, I can barely wait for this new era of music. “Lipstick” is a guitar-filled, pop-punk-influenced track that gives listeners a peek into the new album, which will be a completely different style from her past R&B-inspired projects, showing the incredible versatility of the artist. WILLOW consistently makes music unlike any other, and it is a visceral experience to listen to. If “Lipstick” is any indication, her new album will be a must-hear. – B.D.

Doja Cat – Been Like This 

Off of her brand new album Planet Her, my next pick is “Been Like This.” This song is quintessential Doja Cat, with a slow R&B sound mixed with pop. She even shows off her beautiful high notes during the bridge. It’s definitely the perfect song to have on repeat while laying on the beach this summer, and let’s be honest, so is the whole album! – G.P.

Genesis Owusu – Same Thing

Genesis Owusu is an artist of a completely new caliber and one to pay close attention to as he’s sure to become this year’s most underrated artist. The bouncy instrumentation of this B-side from Owusu’s debut record “Smiling With No Teeth” is foiled by his skillful lyricism detailing his battles with mental illness. “Same Thing” so intelligently portrays that sneaking feeling of depression by cloaking Owusu’s lyrics behind a saccharinely sweet sonic curtain, and I cannot stress enough how well-realized an artist Owusu is at such a young age. – J.P.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Yours

Psych-rock band, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard turned to dream pop as their latest experiment, and the results have yielded their most enjoyable record yet. As the intro track to “Butterfly 3000,” their 18th album in the last 11 years, “Yours” is a breezy car ride down the highway that takes their signature quirks and styles it in a refreshing way. The theme of this album is rooted in metamorphosis and growth for the better, and I think this song personifies that exactly and mirrors the transformations that life, in general, has undergone this last year. – J.P.

THE DRIVER ERA – Heaven Angel  

Former Disney icons turned Indie heartthrobs, Ross and Rocky Lynch, return with their first single of the summer, “Heaven Angel.” The track signifies the impending release of the duo’s sophomore album. The sticky disco beat combined with the melodic swoon of Ross’s voice could make anyone ready for a steamy summer romance. -Kendal Neel

Snakehips – All My Friends (feat. Tinashe and Chance the Rapper)

For any EDM fans out there, this song is for those looking for a head banging, shoulder shaking, and foot-tapping loss of innocence. You may have regretted the Friday night you had last weekend, but just know when you listen to this song that you’re not the only one. Instead of dwelling on the past, make sure the next Friday night winds up better. If not, listen to this song and remember that at least it will be a night you and all your friends remember either way. – Mandi Karpo

Tai Verdes – A-O-K 

This summer, I’ll be in the car traveling back and forth to see my family a lot, so vibey car jams are a must. I can’t wait to drive with all of the windows down blasting music, and this song is at the top of my queue. I’ve seen “A-O-K” by Tai Verdes become a full song over the past couple of months through his Tik Toks about creating it, and now I play it every single day. – K.B.

MARINA – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

“You don’t have to be like everybody else

  You don’t have to fit into the norm

  You are not here conform” 

In the opening track of Marina’s latest album release, she delivers a dazzling and dramatic synth beat that renders the tune nearly impossible to forget. Her knack for bold lyricism that highlights female empowerment and unadulterated authenticity make this track a must-listen for the summer! – K.N.

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning

Looking for that morning boost to get you grooving your way out of bed? Allow Maroon 5’s classic from the early 2000s to create a soothing ambiance for those rainy Sunday mornings. This is the perfect song to drive slow, roll down your windows, turn up the volume, sing along, and tap your fingers on the wheel to the beat of the drum. This song will provide you with that feel-good energy as your weekend comes to an end. – M.K.

Cola Boyy – Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood

The best way to describe this song is in fleeting moments of adolescence—vignettes of ice-cold lemonade, banana-scented sunscreen, and cannonballs into the pool. The sparkling production, courtesy of The Avalanches, bolsters Cola Boyy’s sentimental lyrics and further adds to the blissful atmosphere of this single. Whatever the case, this track by the Oxnard-native is sure to make anyone want to get up and dance. – J.P.