Environmental activist crashes Louis Vuitton SS22 fashion show


Credit: France24.com

Truth Headlam, Contributor

Louis Vuitton joined the list of shows with attention-grabbing moments at Paris Fashion Week, but not by their own doing. While many people gathered to see what the luxury brand had to offer for their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, others gathered outside the venue to protest the harmful impact fashion production has on the environment. 

However, the protestors outside of the venue were not the attention-stealers of the night. The long-standing Fashion Week closer had an unexpected and unwelcomed guest join their models for the final catwalk, a climate activist by the name of Marie Cohuet, carrying a sign that read “OVERCONSUMPTION = EXTINCTION.”

Couhet took to Twitter the next day identifying herself to the public and made a statement which translates to: “Yesterday, I infiltrated the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. It is not easy to get into a place where the powerful enact the codes. But the urgency is too great. The fashion industry cannot deny the ecological crisis.”

At the bottom of the sign, Cohuet held at the show were the names of three French environmentalist activist groups: the French chapters of Extinction Rebellion, Youth for Climate and Friends of the Earth (Amis de la Terre), who all publicly announced their support of Couhet. The Extinction Rebellion went as far as to retweet Couhet, adding the comment “Great work.” 

The three groups made a joint statement published to Friends of Earth’s website that 30 activists were involved in planning and executing the protest, two of whom were arrested. 

The statement was filled with condemning research, including data stating the fashion industry is responsible for approximately 8.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, and they named LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, as one of the luxury players “actively participating in this rampage.”

A spokesperson for Youth for Climate stated that “LVMH… defines trends, bludgeoning public advertising space and inspires a desire to over-consume in the entire population, including those who cannot afford such products.”

The statement continued by stating that the French chapters of Extinction Rebellion, Youth for Climate as well as Friends of the Earth “are calling for urgent action to force fashion players to reduce their production, considerably improve their environmental impact and respect human rights in the countries of manufacture.” 

LVMH has yet to comment the disturbance at the Louis Vuitton SS22 show at Paris Fashion Week.