Sagittarius Horoscopes


Credit: Pixabay

Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Aries: It’s officially the season of the Archer which means it’s time for you to POP OFF! Take advantage of all the holiday parties coming your way this month and let loose! The chillier weather also means that cuffing season is well underway so use this time to find yourself a seasonal boo that can handle all that hot and intense Aries passion! 


Taurus: Sagittarius season can feel a little intense and chaotic for you, Taurus. You might be feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with all the holiday festivities and may even feel like you’re stretching yourself too thin by trying to be the friend that everyone needs during those cold winter nights. That’s why it’s especially important for you to set aside some extra me-time this month! Light your favorite yuletide candles and spend the night doing something that makes you feel truly connected to yourself! 


Gemini: The social aspect of Sagittarius season has you more than ready for the upcoming month! Grab the eggnog because you’re about to be the life of every holiday party! However, social gatherings breed plenty of opportunities for drama and rumors to spread like wildfire so make sure that you’re not at the center of all the gossip. 


Cancer: Water babies beware because this Sagittarius season, you may be on the receiving end of the Gemini gossip cycle. This month is a great time to really hammer down those daily affirmations to remind yourself that you’re worthy of all the love, light, and holiday cheer! Instead of shelling out all your savings on gifts for your besties this season, treat yourself to something special you’ve had your eye on for a while! You’ve worked hard this year, Cancers! You deserve the extra self-care! 


Leo: Leo kings and queens, you’re notorious for claiming your spot on the nice list…but this year you may just land yourself a spot on the naughty list if you don’t get that fire sign ego in check! Although it can be fun to have the spotlight on you every once in a while, the holiday season is all about spreading cheer and reminding those around us how much we love and appreciate them! This holiday season, take a break from your starring role in life and give your loved ones the attention they deserve. 


Virgo: Earth signs, as hard as you may try, your icy exterior isn’t fooling anyone. We know how much you love the holiday season because it allows you to tap into your perfectionist tendencies. Nothing makes you happier than ensuring that each and every gift is wrapped and complete with a bow! No one will ever understand the happy little tickle you get from hanging every decoration with love and care so that there’s just enough…but not too much! 


Libra: Air babies, this month is the perfect time for a holiday shopping spree! As the most fashion conscious of the signs, you love any and every excuse to dress up and with your social butterfly tendencies you’re bound to have more than a few parties to show off at! This month, it’s your time to shine so soak up every moment and let your bubbly personality shine…just don’t tell Leo you’re taking over the spotlight. 


Scorpio: Scorpios, you’re not usually one for holiday cheer and festivities, but this month it might be time to set aside that brooding aura! Sagittarius season is all about letting go of our inhibitions and allowing ourselves to experience life to the fullest extent. This month, replace that mysterious stare with a bright smile… I promise you won’t regret it! 


Sagittarius: Sagittarius baddies, it’s officially your time of the year! There is nothing holding you back this month so feel free to embrace your truest self because the world needs that extra dose of fire sign sparkle! From festive holiday soirees to steamy yuletide flings, there are no regrets this Sagittarius season so make sure you end the year with a BANG! 


Capricorn: Two words- STOP STRESSING!! With 2021 quickly coming to a close, you’ve been putting extra pressure on yourself to achieve all your goals! But rest assured, your hard work has not gone unnoticed and you are more than deserving of a break this holiday season. Instead of harping on all of the boxes left unchecked this year, take some time to reflect on the accomplishments you were able to cross off. After all, even the smallest baby steps bring you one step closer to achieving your ultimate dreams. 


Aquarius: The holiday season is your least favorite time of the year. For you, seasonal festivities are nothing more than disingenuous, consumerist ventures that you have no desire to take part in. As much as you love your fundamentally anti lifestyle, maybe it’s time to let the light in this month! Not everything has to be sad and cynical to be real; it’s okay to be happy every now and again! 


Pisces: You’re feeling all the love this month, Pisces. Although Sagittarius season can feel a little intense at times, you can’t help but get the warm fuzzies from the free-spirited and happy-go-lucky nature everyone seems to have adopted this season! Lean into this feeling and be on the lookout for the truly meaningful moments in life so that way you can kick off the next year with a clear heart and a happy soul.