Travis and Kourt: fated for life or doomed for splitsville


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Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Not to be dramatic, but Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker evoke a level of feeling I didn’t know was possible to have for a celebrity couple, and I’m not ashamed to say that.

Once upon a time, I may have said that I was Team Scott, and I fully admit that I wanted nothing more than to see him and Kourtney ride off into the sunset in Scott’s Ferrari 812. However, as an Aries myself, I  understand Kourtney’s complete enrapture with Travis’ bad-boy, Scorpio aura. There’s something dangerously sexy about the skater boy/rock god archetype, and given the opportunity… I’m not sure I could resist either. 

Nevertheless, fascination does not always equal compatibility, which got me thinking, are Kourtney and Travis genuinely compatible? Having only been together for a year, I can’t help but wonder if their love is a glorious example of fate or if it’s doomed for splitsville. Luckily, astrology is here to help, which is why I’m about to take a deep dive into both Kourtney’s and Travis’ birth charts to determine if this fire and water duo is made to last. 


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Sun Sign 

Kourtney is well-known for her Aries sun placement which can be seen throughout all 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Unlike her famous sisters, Kourtney is perfectly content to march to the beat of her drum and doesn’t allow her decisions to be dictated by anyone but herself. As someone who thinks with her heart, Kourtney knows that passion is fleeting and has no problem saying goodbye to things that no longer fan those flames of intensity.


I’m not usually a fan of fire and water sign pairings, but Travis’ Scorpio sun might be just what Kourtney needs to keep that hot and passionate romance alive for years to come. Despite Kourtney’s occasionally icy and uncaring exterior, she profoundly feels each emotion. Travis’s water placements allow him to reach those dark and emotionally vulnerable places to better understand Kourtney and her needs. Scorpios are notorious for their loyal and honest nature, which compliments the blunt and open attitude of the Aries personality.


Moon Sign

Couples who share a moon and sun placement under the same sign are often the most compatible. This might ring true for this pairing as Travis has an Aries moon which only strengthens the passionate connection between them. After years of life in the limelight, Kourtney needs someone in her life who will be her best friend and confidante, someone who has no problem being straightforward with her even when the truth might sting. Travis seems to fit this archetype to a tee. 


Although Kourtney’s Capricorn moon isn’t exactly compatible with Travis’s Aries moon, his Scorpio sun will appreciate this placement and the stability that comes with it. Capricorn moons never let anything get in the way of achieving their ultimate goals, and they’re not one to let their partner give up on their dreams either. Following the 2008 airplane crash that claimed the lives of six of Barker’s closest friends, Travis needs someone who ultimately believes in commitment and won’t give up on the relationship at the first sign of past trauma or emotional scars. Luckily, Kourtney’s Cap moon knows that these obstacles only strengthen their relationship. 



Both Kourtney and Travis share a water rising which means they give off similar auras. Kourtney has a Pisces rising, which may lend itself to her dreamy, head-in-the-clouds vibe that masks the fierce and determined personality underneath. On the other hand, Travis has a Cancer rising, which means he may come off as intuitive, warm-hearted, and gentle. This Cancer rising only softens the edges of Travis’ mysterious Scorpio sign and likely makes him even more attractive to Kourtney’s conflicting fire, sun and water rising. 



Mercury is the planet of communication. We all know communication is critical for healthy relationships, but Kourtney hasn’t always had the best luck in the past with Scott’s intense Sagittarius Mercury. Luckily, both Travis and Kourtney have a Mercury in Aries, which means they have similar communication styles. They’re blunt and deliberate and never say anything unless they mean it from their hearts. This is a great sign for their relationship, as this mutual understanding between the pair helps build honesty and healthy boundaries. 



The Venus sign determines how one expresses affection and the different qualities one might find themselves attracted to. Compatibility in this placement is paramount to a successful pairing. Kourtney has a Venus in Pisces, which means that her love is boundless and soulful. Some might even say she is constantly searching for that soulmate connection beyond what the world can understand. When in love, Kourtney is empathetic; she gives in to love quickly, which means it’s vital for her to find someone who won’t take advantage of that immediate trust and generosity. 


Travis’ venus in Libra could be responsible for his natural magnetism and endearing nature. Libras tend to be known for their indecisive tendencies, especially when sizing up a potential new mate, which could spell trouble for this whirlwind duo. However, if there’s one thing a Libra venus knows how to do, it’s to create a romantic and sensual atmosphere. Kourtney’s Pisces Venus will appreciate Travis’s ability to sweep her off her feet with enchanting ambiance and a gorgeous aesthetic. It may be just enough to distract Kourtney from his ambivalent habits. 



Mars is all about sex which means these placements can be very telling about relationships. Kourtney has a fiery Aries Mars that heavily conflicts with Travis’s Cancer Mars. When it comes to the bedroom, Kourtney most likely rules with an iron fist. She’s direct and pushes her romance forward with drive and enthusiasm. She craves excitement in the sheets and appreciates someone who is just as strong and aggressive as she is. 


A man with his Mars in Cancer needs someone who can be devoted to him. He will love madly and deeply once he feels that sense of security. Travis and Kourtney have proven that they are the king and queen of PDA, and all I can say is…it’s clear that Travis is more than willing to play whatever role Kourtney tells him to when it comes to sexy time. While it’s possible Kourtney may grow tired of Travis’ desire for slow sensuality in the bedroom, his need to please is sure to reel her right back in. 


We can all agree that when it comes down to it, Kourtney and Travis are much more compatible than Kourtney and Scott ever were. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…out with the air sign and in with the water sign! This new and iconic couple appears to be made to last, and I promise you, I’ll be waiting to watch them walk down the aisle with a tissue box in hand.