Don’t die, thrive during the zombie apocalypse


Christian Gomez

With the upcoming release of World War Z and the impending apocalypse, there is no longer a question if there will be a zombie apocalypse, but rather when. With the amount of television shows, movies, video games, novels, comic books and even parades, zombies have taken over the media and it seems society will not be satisfied if the world ends in any other way.
The majority of the public believes they are prepared for the arrival of the undead due to the many representations in popular media, but what are university students to do in one of the least favorable situations when the zombie apocalypse occurs: in a major city with a giant population.
The plethora of zombie movies all start the same, awakening in a world already ravaged by zombies. In the typical representation such as that in 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead, the protagonist awake not during the initial infection but just in the midst of the world’s destruction after the government and military have failed to contain the outbreak. Try to replicate this action of inaction.
When news reports of a strange new disease begin to surface and spread make sure to take a few bike rides without a helmet for the following days.
Premium Rush has demonstrated biking in the city is a guaranteed way to be hit by a taxi and with some luck also induce a coma that someone can very easily bounce back from. With the university’s location next to the Down Town Hospital survivors attempting to sleep off the beginning of the zombie infection need not travel far to find an ICU.
Always remember no one can get infected in a coma unless of course the hospital is over run. Movies have taught that this never happens even though the sick tend to go to the hospital, but all these facts can be ignored as movies and television are never wrong.
Entering Maria’s Tower is on par with crossing the border to North Korea. With check point after check point the university has earned its spot as one of the most secure schools in the country and this also helps in assuring its security during the inevitable outbreak.
After regaining consciousness and arming oneself with necessary supplies, a sandwich from the café, be cautious of who the cashier is. Even in the end of days a meal plan matters and some cashiers, even in zombie form will still over charge.
With the supplies, a base of operations is needed before making any major decisions. As mentioned previously Marias Tower is North Korea in everything but name, making it a perfect temporary base of operations and a possible heaven for fellow survivors.
Sadly, during the zombie invasion the elevators will most likely be out so taking the stairs will be the only way to ascend the tower to begin sweeping every floor for both survivors and supplies.
Supplies such as clothing and food with long expiration dates will be prevalent in Maria’s Tower thanks to the many care packages that comprise the diets of the tower inhabitants. A key to survival on top of being well equipped is to be well armed.
During the ascension up to the tower, keep eyes open for any blunt object that may be useful for further damaging the of the undead masses and former fellow students of the tower. Fire extinguisher, bats, lacrosse sticks, all will make perfect weapons to stave off the horde.
Molotov’s are also good weapons to have at the ready when out in the wild of the city streets. Luckily Maria’s tower will be a perfect place to find a bottle, or nine of alcohol, rags, and plenty of lighters to create t h e perfect mass zombie killing weapon.
Upon reaching the uppermost floors of the towers it is time to make a base.
Stairwells should be blocked with whatever is at hand, the horrible couches located on every floor should make an ideal barrier in the stair wells.
At 18 stories tall Maria’s tower is not the tallest but it is still offers a good vantage point to view the surrounding area. If there are any form of government or military left the top floor offers a hailing point for any helicopters or planes.
The end of days may sound horrifying but with some simple planning, cooperation, and common sense the end of the human race can be a fun time of adventure, and self-discovery in a world with no rules.