Capricorn Horoscopes


Credit: @CostarAstrology on Instagram

Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Aries: Aries’, you are the kings and queens of unfinished projects. Once the initial spark of passion has officially died out, you’re ready to tackle the next big (and occasionally unrealistic) idea that’s clouding your brain at that moment. But Capricorn season is all about new beginnings, success, and stability which means that it might be time to turn over a new leaf and start practicing the art of persistence. After all, how are you going to achieve world domination if you can’t even fight against petty boredom and trivial frustration? 


Taurus: Taureans, let’s talk long-term goals! You revel in the stable and unbothered energy that comes with Capricorn season which means that now is the perfect time to set yourself up for success! Your passion projects aren’t going to plan themselves so take some extra time to think ahead and map out the baby steps you need to take on the road to your final destination. From finance to fitness to education, and everything in between, your patient and steady nature gives you the power to achieve all your wildest dreams in 2022. 


Gemini: It’s all about connections! Capricorn season is all about progress and accomplishment, and one of the best ways to set yourself up for victory is through fostering a healthy team of supporters and cheerleaders who have your back as you chase your goals. This month, use your social butterfly tendencies to begin assembling this team. You never know who may end up being an important ally! 


Cancer: Moon babies, it’s time to dry those tears and step into your strength! Sagittarius season is over which means you don’t have to worry about any chaotic energy disrupting your peaceful flow. Since Capricorn season coincides with the new year, take some time to really think about the things in your life that are no longer serving you. Whether it’s a job that leaves you feeling drained and undervalued or a specific person who seems to have an infuriating knack for diminishing your self-esteem, some things just aren’t built to last. Remember: if it ruins your mascara…then honey, it’s not worth your time! 


Leo: Although you rarely show it, beneath that bold and seemingly self-assured exterior is a toxic mess of insecurities and inhibitions that have no business weighing down someone with as much star power as you! This month, pencil in some extra time to practice your affirmations and start talking to yourself like the icon you are! Although it may feel good at the moment, you don’t need the validation of others to know your own worth and value. 


Virgo: Now that the presents have been unwrapped and the holiday decorations have been packed away for another year, it’s time to get back to business! You’re a hustler at heart which means you always aim high when it comes to New Years resolutions, and usually have no problem achieving them! Nevertheless, 2021 was an exhausting year that left you questioning whether you’re on the right track. This season, the best way to ensure success is to remind yourself why you’re on this journey in the first place. Reconnect with the things you love and recognize that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Libra: The new year means a new wardrobe! Feel free to pamper yourself this Capricorn season, Libra! In 2021 you spent way too much time doubting yourself and fighting pointless battles that don’t contribute anything positive to your life. To kick off this new year, remove yourself from the drama and focus on the things that actually matter to you!  Between your bubbly personality and diplomatic attitude, you have all the tools required to achieve success…the only thing missing is a fresh mindset and a brand new pair of pumps! 


Scorpio: The end of the year tends to hold a lot of toxic and dark energy for you, Scorpio! For some reason, the drama loves to follow you which means that Capricorn season may just be the perfect moment to repair your reputation. Although you love to be right and it may feel good to be brutally honest at the moment, don’t let your pride get in the way of the relationships and connections that mean the most to you.


Sagittarius: Although you’re still reeling from the chaotic energy that comes with every Sagittarius season, it’s time to channel that intensity into something more productive than holiday ragers and steamy fireside flings. Use your daring and happy-go-lucky nature to inspire those around you to take big risks for the possibility of even bigger rewards. Your voice holds power and influence. Use it for good this Capricorn season! 


Capricorns: The new year is on the horizon which means that you’re in for another season of prosperity! This month may be a good time to allow closure into your life. For someone as high-powered as you, failure is foreign and success is almost always a given. Nevertheless, sometimes failure is unavoidable. To begin 2022, set aside some space to reflect on both your failures and achievements over the last year because they are both essential to your story in the long run. 


Aquarius: Aquarians are humanitarians and change-makers at heart which means that this Capricorn season,  it’s time to take those revolutionary ideas and put them to use! Society needs your innovative way of thinking during this moment of uncertainty and fragility. You have the power to transform the way people think of the world around them so don’t take your talents for granted and understand that your wisdom may just be the key to unlocking a new era of enlightenment. 


Pisces: Channel your dreamy and optimistic nature into something artistic this month! Capricorn season doesn’t always have to signal militant dedication to one’s goals because productivity looks different for everyone. This month, prepare for the new year by cleansing and revamping your space so that it matches and complements your energy! Fostering a healthy environment is essential to healing vibes that often accompany the new year.