Chris Brown sued for $20 million in alleged rape case


Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Wikimedia Commons

Sydney Flem, Contributor

Content warning: discussion of sexual assault and domestic violence

32-year-old hip-hop artist Chris Brown is being sued for $20 million after accusations of the alleged drugging and raping of a woman, only identified as Jane Doe, a professional musical artist and choreographer. According to the suit, Doe and another unidentified individual were invited to a yacht docked at P. Diddy’s home in Miami on Dec. 30, 2020.

The case states that after consuming two drinks given to her by Brown, Doe became “disoriented, physically unstable and started to fall in and out of sleep.” The suit then states that Brown led Doe down a corridor into a bedroom, where she was held against her will, despite her attempts to leave. Doe stated this is when Brown raped her and, the following day, demanded that she take an emergency contraceptive.

Representatives for Chris Brown and Diddy have yet to respond to media outlets seeking information. However, Brown took it upon himself to address the situation on his Instagram story, where he wrote, “whenever I’m releasing music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bullshit.”

After being asked what they hope to see happen to Chris Brown, an anonymous student at the University responded, “I hope that he suffers severe consequences for his actions, but I feel as though he should’ve been punished the first time. It’s horrible to see these things go on and to see him continue to do this to women.”

Past cases involving Chris Brown have been resurfacing due to the new allegations against him. In a highly publicized case in 2009, Brown was involved in a violent dispute with his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

The night before the 2009 Grammy Awards, the couple was seen leaving a pre-Grammy party and got into an altercation. Rihanna was later seen with visible marks and bruises covering her face and arms. Brown was then arrested and sentenced to community service and domestic violence counseling.

Since then, Brown has gone into detail about their relationship and that night in 2009, stating in the documentary “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life,” that within their relationship he “felt like a f*cking monster.”

Although this is only one of his cases that was largely covered, there have been many reported cases of violence involving Chris Brown. In 2012, Brown snatched a phone from a woman’s hand outside of a club and was accused of one count of robbery. In 2013, Brown had a reported altercation with Deanna Gines when he shoved her to the ground. In 2015, he forcefully removed a woman from a bus after she refused to give up her cellphone. In 2016, he reportedly punched a woman in the face at another nightclub.

One student stated, “It’s sad that we have grown up hearing these cases in the news, especially involving Chris Brown. As a young female, it is frightening to continue to see perpetrators getting away with these actions with mild repercussions.”

Another student said, “I think it is revolting what he gets away with.”

As cases of drugging, date rape and violence are surfacing across the world, many are hoping to see some serious repercussions for Chris Brown, especially after the most recent accusations. As more cases such as these are brought to the media’s attention, it is necessary that perpetrators begin suffering true consequences for their violent actions.