Rihanna and A$AP: headed for holy matrimony


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Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Someone better check on Drake cause Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are about to become the hottest new celebrity parents in town! In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, our favorite music industry duo recently announced that they’re about to take their relationship to the next level as soon-to-be parents! 

According to every major celebrity gossip column on the newsstands, rumors that the two were dating began in 2020 when A$AP starred in her Fenty Skin campaign. These rumors were confirmed only a year later when A$AP called her the love of his life. Of course, we can’t forget about their iconic Met Gala debut that left the world quaking from the bad-assery of it all. Flash forward, and now we’re (not so) patiently awaiting the arrival of Baby RiRi and are in desperate need of an inside scoop on the couple. 

Thankfully, astrology has come to the rescue once again! So grab some popcorn and turn on your favorite Rihanna album because we’re about to do a deep dive into this legendary couple’s astral charts! 


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Sun Signs: Pisces & Libra (Mutable Water/Cardinal Air)

I’m usually not a fan of water and air sign pairings, but since Libras are basically the honorary fourth water sign…I’ll make an exception in this case. Other than the occasional bump in the road, this star-studded couple has the potential to create a long-lasting and harmonious partnership thanks to their various complementary traits. 

 Rihanna’s dreamy and innovative Pisces sun is essentially the reason she’s been able to build her own empire! Whether it’s her extensive chart-topping music career, her tres chic lingerie line that has to the whole world lusting after her designs or her beauty collection that has even the most prolific beauty gurus ready to start Dramageddon III, Rihanna’s Pisces sun has rendered her a powerful visionary in her own right. 

However, despite the mogul’s seemingly unbothered exterior, Rihanna feels emotions very deeply. Her naturally compassionate and sympathetic nature makes it easier for her to feel overwhelmed by the feelings of those around her (an empath!). This is where A$AP’s grounded and diplomatic nature comes into play. Like the sign’s symbol suggests, A$AP Rocky’s Libra sun is particularly focused on finding true balance in his everyday life. His need for harmony and justice will also be attractive to Rihanna’s fun-loving Piscean personality. 

And let’s not forget their sharpened eye for all things aesthetic. Every day is the MET Gala for this celebrity couple. 

Moon Signs: Aries & Cancer (Cardinal Fire/Cardinal Water)

Aries and Cancer are the definition of polar opposites, which means that this moon sign pairing may spell trouble for the couple in the future. Thanks to her powerful Aries moon, there is nothing Rihanna loves more than independence. We all remember her iconic line at the Rogue Man fragrance launch where she reminded the world that she is definitely not looking for a man. Her individualistic, do-it-yourself nature may lend itself to her more confrontational and impatient attitude, which can create conflict with those who don’t understand how to handle it. 

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky’s Cancer moon only heightens his need for meaningful connection. He thrives on comfort and security which is not something that Rihanna is willing to readily give. His emotional nature makes him highly attuned to bad energy and knows exactly when someone isn’t matching his vibe. This conflicting dynamic may leave this couple prone to underlying tension as Rihanna pushes for space in the relationship, while A$AP is in need of closeness and finds himself perplexed at her uncaring tendencies.

Rising Signs: Aries & ? (Cardinal Fire/ ?) 

Unfortunately, A$AP’s rising sun is unknown, but there is some speculation that he may be a Libra rising. If that is the case, that may explain this couple’s dynamic and confident aura. While some may feel intimidated by Rihanna’s feisty and energetic Aries rising, A$AP’s supposed Libra rising feels empowered by it. He has no problem cheering her on while also basking in the glow of her hot Aries blaze. 

Mercury Signs: Aquarius & Libra (Fixed Air/Cardinal Air)

We all know communication is the most important aspect of any relationship and thankfully, Rihanna and A$AP have it made! This pair has a unique way of communicating that transcends the usual sweet nothings. Rihanna’s Aquarius mercury is all about breaking the rules. She’s known to be unconventional and has no problem stirring the pot during conversation. Her intellectual mind is always hungry for knowledge and she’s most likely the queen of deep philosophical discussions and debates. 

A$AP on the other hand, is the king of conversation! His curious and charming nature is perfect for Rihanna’s intellectual superiority complex because of his willingness to ask questions and his focus on her. Although he may try a little too hard to keep up with her psychological prowess at times, Rihanna will appreciate his ability to jump into the discussion no matter how odd or abstract. A people pleaser at heart, A$AP has no problem letting her win an argument which is sure to satiate her cunning Aquarius Mercury. 

Venus Signs: Aries & Leo (Cardinal Fire/Fixed Fire) 

When it comes to romance, these two are a match made in heaven! This is a pair that knows exactly what they want and have no problem asking for it. They both have a need to be pleased which is sure to create some hot and heavy tension on date night! A$AP’s Leo Venus will appreciate Rihanna’s prideful and larger-than-life personality. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s Aries Venus may find herself falling for his confident and unyielding attitude. This is a spontaneous couple that loves to push each other outside their comfort zones, which will help them rekindle the flames of passion in the future! 

Mars Signs: Sagittarius & Aries (Mutable Fire/Cardinal Fire) 

There’s only one way to describe this couple’s Mars pairing: HOT AS HELL. While their moon signs may be the cause of some cold and clashing discourse, their Mars signs are there to heat things back up…especially in the bedroom. Rihanna’s chart is riddled with Aries placements, and her Mars is no different. When it comes to the sheets, she is direct, passionate, and extremely competitive. She loves a good challenge and appreciates someone who can keep up with her intensity. Her Aries Mars may be the cause of her deep attraction to self-assured men as she requires someone who is as secure in themselves as she is. 

With A$AP Rocky, Rihanna has met her match. His Sagittarius Mars takes experimentalism to a whole new level! His adventurous nature thrives with someone who is just as open-minded and willing as he is. Much like Rihanna’s Aries Mars, A$AP’s Sagittarius placement is all about passion! For him, intimacy is all about living in the moment which means that he is sure to appreciate her ability to unleash her inner goddess and take a walk on the wild side with him. 

Well, the verdict is in, and I think it’s safe to say that this duo is headed straight for holy matrimony! While the jury is still out on whether Rihanna will finally (or ever) release R9 after Baby RiRi is born, one thing is certain…this new family is bound to be in the spotlight for years to come. While we wait for the birth announcement, you can find me scrolling through Rihanna and A$AP fan pages on Instagram. Until next time, astrology babes…