Pisces season horoscopes

Credit: Clipart

Credit: Clipart

Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Aries: Aries, you’re known for your grandiose ideas that never quite make it off the ground once your initial interest starts to fade. Pisces season is all about tapping into your inner visionary which means there is no greater time to start clearly imagining and defining your dreams! This month, turn your wildest idea into a fully-fledged plan! It might be helpful to think of some tangible ways that you can elevate your plan into action without overworking yourself! 


Taurus: Taureans, you live for the groovy vibes that come with Pisces season! After the chaotic tumult of Aquarius season, you are more than deserving of a little R & R. This month, give yourself permission to surround yourself with luxury and comfort! Whether that means splurging on a spa day or sleeping in an extra hour (or two), use this month to restore your calm and grounded Taurus energy.  


Gemini: As an air sign, you’re not a fan of the extra mushy emotions that often accompany Pisces season. In fact, you try to avoid them at all costs…but this month, it might be time to step outside your comfort zone. Recognize that it is perfectly okay to feel emotions even when they’re uncomfortable. Even if you shed a tear or two, no one could ever replace you as the life and soul of the party! 


Cancer: Cancers, rest assured that you can safely share your emotions this month! The empathetic aura of Pisces season has everyone feeling a little more teary-eyed than usual. While you’re used to feeling all the feels, some of your fellow zodiac signs shy away when it comes to experiences involving your level of sensitivity. This season is all about sharing and listening. Remind yourself and others that it’s okay to put your heart out there. 


Leo: Leos, this month you need to practice the art of compassion! Your prideful nature tends to lend itself to your sharp tongue. While you rely on your social life to maintain your status as the kings and queens of the zodiac, no one likes a lion who roars a little too loud. This season, take a cue from the water signs and trade your hardened exterior for something softer. 


Virgo: Earth babies, no one has higher standards than you. You’re picky when it comes to the people in your life and you don’t let your walls down for just anyone. However, that steely resolve of yours gets lonely after a while. This month, practice vulnerability. Allow your imperfections to show, and be accepting of those who show you theirs. You never know what you might learn about yourself. 


Libra: Emotions tend to be a bit overwhelming for you, Libras. For that reason, Pisces season may spell trouble for you. Be sure to take care of yourself this month. Give yourself ample alone time and don’t be afraid to set aside some time for your daily affirmations. You need some extra positivity in your life now, more than ever.


Scorpio: Scorpios, wipe that brooding stare off your face and smile for once! Pisces season is all about releasing your inhibitions, which means that there is no better time to let yourself be happy! Every day this month, remind yourself of all the little things to be happy about! Life doesn’t always have to be shrouded in darkness and drama to be fulfilling. 


Sagittarius: If there’s anything that Pisces and Sagittarians have in common, it’s your free-spirited nature! This month, that happy-go-lucky attitude will be heightened, so don’t be afraid to take full advantage of it! Say yes to all the opportunities thrown your way! You never know what experiences may come from taking a risk! 


Capricorn: Capricorns, you have been way too bottled up lately. From the intense non-stop nature of Capricorn season to the uncertainty of Aquarius season, you haven’t had a free moment to process the hard work you’ve been putting in since the beginning of the year! This month, take some time to sit with your accompaniments and remind yourself of the badass that you are! You deserve to take a pause and bask in the glow of your successes. 


Aquarius: Aquarians are known as the humanitarians and innovators of the zodiac! This month, tap into the imaginative energy of Pisces season to start making the changes you wish to see in the world! Throw your support to a special cause or passion project you’ve had your eye on lately, as your fresh and unconventional take on the world may just help you achieve all your goals this month! 


Pisces: It’s your time to shine, Pisces! You enjoy the small things in life and aren’t afraid to embrace all the pain and pleasure that life has to offer. This month, spread your water sign magic and remind those around you that being vulnerable can be a superpower. Encourage your loved ones to tap into their emotions in healthy and creative ways! They need your inspiring and transformational energy!