Aries horoscopes


Credit: Pixabay

Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Aries: Aries kings and queens, it’s officially time to ignite that sizzling Aries blaze! Step into your power and be confident in that fire within you! You have everything it takes to be the main character of your story and there’s no better time to start believing that than Aries season! Pencil in some extra time for your daily affirmations to keep that Aries flame burning all month long.

Taurus: Taureans, this season you might find your stubborn side coming out to play a little more than usual. That flaming Aries passion has you under the influence and you are more than ready to go to war when it comes to convictions. This month, it might be helpful to practice the art of listening and learning. As our queen, Taylor Swift, once said “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” 

Gemini: Aries season has you ready to POP OFF! This month, rest assured that you can let your freak flag fly without any judgment from those around you! Your peers will feed off of your lively aura and eccentric nature! Be sure to release all of that pent up Gemini energy before Taurus season ushers in a slower paced and more relaxed atmosphere. 

Cancer: There is nothing you dread more than Aries season. The intensity and aggression is a little too much for your sensitive and nurturing Cancer personality. Although it is easier said than done, this month try to take everything with a grain of salt. It may feel like all that Aries anger is directed at you, but do your best not to take anything too personally. You’ll thank me later.

Leo: Your Leo glow is shining extra bright this Aries season! You revel in the power and fierce essence that comes with the month of the ram. Although you love having the spotlight all to yourself, do your best to share it with those around you! Use your abundance of confidence for good and project it onto those who could use an extra glimmer of self-assurance this month.  

Virgo: Virgos are known for their unabashed honesty and blunt nature which means that Aries season has only emboldened your need to say exactly what is on your mind! This month, it may be wise to remind yourself that words do not always have to cut as sharp as a knife. Speak to others the way you would want to be spoken to.

Libra: Aries is your sister sign which means you have no problem basking in the fierce energy that accompanies this season! Stick close by your Aries peers this month as you will feed off each others bold and confident vibes! After the emotional roller coaster of Pisces season, you deserve to feel steadfast and radiant all month long.

Scorpio: Your intense aura is only bolstered by the festering flames of Aries season! Passion is  your middle name and it is certainly in the air this month, which means there is no greater time  to experiment with matters of the heart. Don’t be afraid to kickstart a torrid affair and allow your intimate side to come out to play.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians, you are ready to run wild and let loose! You live for the fast paced energy that comes with Aries season! Don’t be afraid to lean into your daring side and try something new this month! The world is sure to appreciate your devil-may-care attitude and there is no doubt that your bold and courageous nature will pay off in ways you never expected! 

Capricorn: Your dedicated nature and steely resolve has trouble digesting Aries’ chaotic way of  life. While there is something to be said for your focus and devotion, there is no shame in stepping away from your goals every now and then in exchange for finding new hobbies and passions! Take a page from Aries book and don’t be afraid to take risks on new journeys!

Aquarius: While Aries and Libra are often known as the perfect match, Aries and Aqaurius make for a fine pairing as well! This month, you can learn from Aries’ enthusiasm and zest for life! Take a break from the world inside your head and learn how to live in the moment! You never know what you might learn about yourself! 

Pisces: Water babies, it would be wise to practice your deep breathing this month as you adjust to life after Pisces season. Gone is that serene and dreamy atmosphere that accompanies the water-ruled months which means that reality is going to be extra hard to face this month. Be sure to schedule some extra me time to keep yourself from getting too overwhelmed in the face of all that Aries force.