Are you compatible with Robert Pattinson?


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Kendal Neel, Business Manager

If you’re anything like me, then you probably spend every night lying awake fantasizing about dating Robert Pattinson. With the recent release of The Batman, the R. Patz craze has officially reached a fever pitch, which begs the question: who is truly compatible with Robert Pattinson? Luckily, astrology tells us everything we need to know to figure out who his perfect match truly is….


If we learned anything from the R. Patz and K. Stew drama it’s that Aries and Taurus are woefully incompatible. As an Aries myself, it pains me to say that our chaotic and fast-paced nature is no match for his consistent calm, cool, and collected aura. Taureans are also known for their stubborn side. Meanwhile, Aries have quite the competitive streak as well, which could spell trouble for this duo when it comes to working through conflict and finding common ground. 

If his reported chart is to be believed, then an Aries sun would require significant influence from other earth placements throughout their chart in order to be compatible with Robert Pattinson. A Taurus moon would be ideal as it is often said that couples who have a sun and moon placed under the same sign tend to be more compatible! 


Taureans may think they’ve won when it comes to compatibility, but let’s examine the evidence shall we? On the surface, a double Taurus pairing may seem bound for holy matrimony. Their like-minded temperament and need for stability is the recipe for long-term success. 

However, upon deeper inspection, this sun sign pairing sounds like a total snoozefest! Their proclivity for hard work, routines, and practicality does not leave any room for the spontaneity and passion that often help relationships grow and evolve. 

This double Taurus match would be more harmonious with a diverse range of elements throughout the rest of the chart. A similar water moon may mesh with Robert Pattinson’s sensitive and intuitive Cancer moon. The right placements may take the intimacy to the next level, and you may just find yourself living out your own Batman and Catwoman fantasy.


Make no mistake, Taurus and Gemini is a match that comes fraught with challenges and obstacles. However, for someone as enigmatic as R. Patz, this may be the perfect case of opposites attract. Geminis are famous for their lively and charismatic personality. This could be exactly what Mr. Pattinson needs in order to lighten up his world and pull him out of his Taurean shell! 

However, if not approached carefully, this pair could also be doomed for splitsville. Robert’s need for comfort and stability may grow tired of Gemini’s desire to be constantly on the move! Thankfully, Rob’s Gemini Venus allows him to get in touch with his inner Edward Cullen, which means he may be more tolerant of his Gemini lover’s restless whims. 


As a fire sign, I never want to see a water sign win, but I must admit that this is a match made in heaven! A Cancer sun is perfect for Rob’s Cancer moon! This couple is the literal definition of intimacy and hedonism! This match is what Bella and Edward wish they could aspire to! Robert will appreciate his Cancer’s desire to nurture and care for him. This water sign may just smooth out all the rough edges of his earth sign influence. 

Since Robert Pattinson’s chart is mostly earth, his Cancer lover should also have a powerful earth presence in their chart in order to ensure long-lasting success! He has several Capricorn placements, which will be particularly attractive to a Cancer as Capricorn is their sister sign! 


This may be controversial, but I could see a successful future for this earth/fire duo! Although R. Patz portrays an outwardly carefree persona, in reality his Taurus sun contributes to his strong-willed nature. A Leo will appreciate someone with such a steely resolve who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Meanwhile, Robert’s Taurus identity will respect Leo’s easy self-assurance. 

However, this couple will require excellent communication if they are to work past their differences. They both value honesty, but would do well to remember that honesty does not have to equal cruelty. If done correctly, this duo could be the most successful of the fire sign pairings. 


Despite Virgo’s impossibly high standards, they may have a hard time resisting Robert’s Taurus charms. While a double Taurus pairing may be the romantic equivalent to watching paint dry, this pairing offers up something much deeper and more intimate. As a star who has been repeatedly shoved into the blinding discomfort of the spotlight, Robert Pattinson is in need of someone who truly understands him…and a Virgo sun may just fit the bill. 

These lovers are each other’s grounding force during their toughest moments. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, this is a couple that is made to withstand the limelight. This pair would be even more perfect if complimented by another water moon or water mercury! 


Similar to Taurus and Leo, this pairing may result in some unexpected success. This is a couple that enjoys the finer things in life. Date night with R. Patz is bound to be one of complete luxury and relaxation! In addition to their affinity for indulgence and refinement, this pair will be endlessly amused by the other’s charms. Libra’s diplomatic and charismatic attitude will be appreciative of Rob’s amiable nature. 

However, this couple may face some sort of conflict when it comes to Libra’s social butterfly tendencies. His Libra lover will never be content to simply relax inside, but rather they would much rather be out and about in an effort to tout their stunning appearance. 

Scorpio: Scorpio and Taurus are sister signs which means that this pair will possess a powerful connection from the start. Taureans are known for their steadfast loyalty and devotion, which is a must-have for a Scorpio with a need for intensity. Scorpio’s deeply value secrets and introspection which will be of great relief to Rob as a celebrity who is used to having his private life splashed across the tabloids.

Not to mention, their sexual energy is off the charts! This couple has more chemistry than Bella and Carlisle during New Moon. Robert Pattinson’s Mars is in Capricorn which could equal danger in the bedroom, but the compatibility of the sun signs could outweigh any tension from other chart placements. 


This is a truly terrifying duo. While I do believe there is a world where opposites attract, this couple is simply too polarized. While Robert is drawn to stability and serenity as a Taurus, his Sagittarius partner would be discontent without the presence of chaos and adventure in their lives. Even the presence of other earth placements in their chart may not be enough to balance out their fundamental differences. 


Overall, the earth signs seem to be the most compatible when it comes to the possibility of winning Robert Pattinson’s heart! Similar to Taureans, Capricorns are known for their hard-working and ambitious personalities. A Capricorn lover may be exactly what Robert needs to stay grounded and motivated. His Cap lover will help him identify new career goals after his next big film…and may also be the reason he hasn’t left mainstream cinema for other forms of entertainment just yet (if you know what I mean).


This match is almost as horrifying as Sagittarius and Taurus. The only thing saving this duo is their shared love for long-term relationships. When it comes to love, these signs will stick it out until the end once they’ve found their match. In spite of their shared interest in commitment, these two could not be more opposite and are bound to spend much of their time in conflict with one another. 


While Cancers and Taurus have it made when it comes to compatibility, I don’t think it’s wise to count Pisces out of the running just yet. Pisces are hopeless romantics to the core. They spend their days with their head in the clouds. Meanwhile, Taureans are all about sensuality, which means that Robert Pattinson has the power to make one lucky Pisces’ fantasies come true. 

This is the type of love that is made to last. It possesses just the right amount of love, affection, and depth to withstand the many growing pains that come with a long-term relationship.