Taurus horoscopes


Credit: @taurussimply on Instagram

Kendal Neel, Business Manager

Aries: You’re feeling all the growing pains this month, fire babies. After the rapid whirlwind of Aries season, you may find yourself gritting your teeth against the slower-paced nature of Taurus season. Just remember that there’s no shame in slowing down and taking the time to re-focus your goals and aspirations! 

Taurus: It’s all about you this month, Taureans! Your hard work is finally paying off this season, so get ready to celebrate all your successes! Whether that means taking yourself out to dinner or treating yourself to a spa day, you have earned some time in the lap of luxury! Pencil in some extra R&R before Gemini season sets in. 

Gemini: Chaotic is your middle name, Gemini! This means that Taurus season probably has you feeling more than a little sleepy. Nevertheless, using this month to recharge is exactly what you need to prepare for your Gemini season next month! After all, you’re gonna need extra energy in order to fully tap into your social butterfly tendencies. 

Cancer: Water babies, you could not be happier to move on from the intensity of Aries season. This Taurus season will allow you to lean into your sentimental side. Savor each and every moment, and don’t be ashamed of feeling all the big emotions this month. Taurus season will give you all the time you need to process and appreciate each memory. 

Leo: You’re feeling emboldened this month, Leos! Taurus season tends to bring out your stubborn side, so make sure you open your mind and listen to what those around you have to say. All though it may be a challenge, let Taurus season be a practice in amicability. Use your powers for good and share the spotlight this month. 

Virgo: Taurus season is all about pleasure and hedonism. Take this month to dig deep into what really brings you joy. Whether that’s your career, your relationships, or even a new hobby, there’s no shame in allowing yourself to feel happy in your presence. Your high standards and strict boundaries can sometimes make life feel a little icy, so let the warmth in this season. 

Libra: This Taurus season is all about finding balance, Libras. While you may be tempted to dive headfirst into all the luxury this month has to offer, don’t forget to spend some time with yourself. Focus on finding internal enjoyment, rather than external satisfaction. It may help to make a concrete list of your boundaries and goals while you’re journaling this month. 

Scorpio: Taurus is your sister sign, so you might be able to share the limelight with your earth sign relatives. This month, rest assured that you can lean into your intensity without being judged. Your Taurus besties will appreciate your dramatic flair more than ever. You better soak up all the attention before the Geminis steal your title as the Kings and Queens of the Drama! 

Sagittarius: Taurus season has you feeling stuck, Sagittarians. Your free-spirited nature feels stifled by the grounded energy that comes with Taurus season. But don’t worry, you can still make the most of the Month of the Bull. Use this month to plan out all your next big ideas! Whether it’s an epic summer trip you’ve been fantasizing about or a small-business venture you’ve been wanting to take the leap on, Taurus season is the time to combine your big dreams with hard work! 

Capricorn: Aries season was the perfect reprieve from all your responsibilities, but now that Taurus season is officially here…you’re ready to get down to business. This month, take some time to identify your strengths!  There’s no better time to make a game plan on how to use those strengths to achieve all your hard-earned goals! This Taurus season, you’re about to see the stars align for all of your aspirations. 

Aquarius: Taurus season presents some challenges for you, Aquarius. Like Sagittarius, you can’t help but feel like your freedom is being tainted by the practical nature of Taurus season. This may just be the perfect reason to pair up with your Sagittarius peers. Use your talent for imagination and creativity to push through these feelings. Incredible things can happen when two brilliant minds put their heads together. 

Pisces: Pisceans, you could not be more excited for the start of Taurus season! While most people spend Taurus season in the lap of luxury, you spend this season with your head in the clouds. The slower-paced energy means more time to daydream, and you’re never one to shy away from a good fantasy. However, don’t forget to enjoy reality every now and again. Sometimes real life can be just as beautiful as the world you’ve built in your head.