Bridgerton: a smashing second season


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Kendal Neel and Mikayla Meachem

Dearest gentle readers,

We have a special announcement, season two of Bridgerton is finally out on Netflix and it is a must-watch! Within a week of its release, this steamy regency romance, produced by Shonda Rhimes, has broken a new record for Netflix as the second most-watched show in history with over 251.74 million hours viewed. Get your tea ready readers, as we are in for a scandalous tale of romance. 

Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) is on the hunt for this season’s diamond, a gem that’s as fresh as she is unexpected. Luckily, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) knows exactly how to deliver with her most recent seasonal sponsors. Do not fear faithful readers, for Lady Whistledown, played by Nicola Coughlan, is back with her knives sharpened and ready to spill the tea for all of the “ton.”

Based on the bestselling second installment to the series, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” this season follows the eldest Bridgerton brother, Viscount Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey. After being (rightfully) dumped on the doorstep of his mistress last season, the Viscount is on the hunt for a tolerable wife with no intentions of finding a true love match. Leaving the infamous sideburns in season one, Anthony is finally ready to take on his role as head of the household. Our Viscount is surely in for a surprise when Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), and the diamond of the season, her younger half-sister, Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) arrive in London for the season. 

Season two is the epitome of a slow burn, enemies to lovers romp with characters that are complex and realistic as they struggle to share and understand their feelings. Through it all, however, one theme remains constant: family comes first. If you are a faithful reader and were hoping for many spicy scenes similar to those in the first season, don’t be discouraged as this season focuses more on the growing tension and passion between the Viscount and Kate Sharma.  

Quickly becoming a fan favorite for its diversity and depiction of culture, Shonda Rhimes and those in The Writer’s Room are definitely doing right by people of color. With even more people of color this season as both background and main characters, the series steers away from the historically accurate and all-white characters we read of in the books. 

This depiction of the regency era doesn’t ignore racism, but rather reimagines and reframes it in a fantasy where different cultures are fully embraced. With a Black Queen seated on the throne and accepted into society as is previously discussed in season one, Shonda Rhimes portrays a world that has moved past colorism. 

While some fans worried about the depiction of the Sharma sisters prior to the release of the show, the production team took great care in ensuring that viewers saw positive South Asian representation throughout the show. Being Indian isn’t the entirety of their identity, but rather an aspect that builds their characters both individually and together. 

With tender moments of Kate oiling Edwina’s hair, as well as the beautiful scene depicting the Haldi ceremony, an Indian tradition done before the wedding as a blessing for the married couple; South Asian culture isn’t forced into this season but rather effortlessly added into scenes. 

Fans were disappointed with the number of scenes dedicated to Featherington’s drama, and the lack of screen time dedicated to the happily ever after between the Viscount and Viscountess. However, readers and viewers alike can expect a lot more romance from the couple we have fallen in love with next season, as big brother Anthony has more siblings to chaperone at balls. 

As fans patiently await more information about the release of season three, there has been endless speculation about the focal point of the upcoming season. The third book, “An Offer From a Gentleman,” follows the love story of the second Bridgerton brother, Benedict, as he falls head over heels for the mysterious Sophie Beckett. In spite of the chronological order of the books, fans may have to wait a little longer for Benedict’s story as this season placed more emphasis on his artistic endeavors rather than his romantic trysts. 

In lieu of Benedict’s story, fans believe season two may be gearing up for Eloise’s taboo romance with the printer’s apprentice, Theo, played by Calam Lynch. After Lady Whistledown reveals the scandalous nature of Eloise’s relationship with Theo, she makes the decision to cut him out of her life despite her growing feelings. Now that Eloise is aware of Lady Whistledown’s identity, and her misguided reasoning for exposing her relationship with Theo, fans believe there is no greater time to shift the spotlight onto the pair in season three. 

Viewers are also looking forward to the possibility of a season three that focuses on the long-awaited romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. Now that Colin has returned from his time abroad, the friendship between the two has the opportunity to transform into something more. With the added mystery of Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown, a season three with these two at the helm is sure to be filled with drama! 

Regardless of who takes the lead as next season’s star, fans will undoubtedly receive another season filled with juicy gossip and breath-taking drama. In the meantime, however, viewers will have Anthony and Kate’s passionate love affair to turn to while they patiently await the ton’s next great romantic scandal.