A definitive style guide for Harry Styles’ Love on Tour


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Stefanie Giacoumopoulos, Contributor

In case you haven’t heard, Harry Styles has spent the last month performing here in New York City. His concerts have allowed fans to take advantage of a night out and dress their best, so here’s The Pace Press’s breakdown of the perfect way to put together a look for “Love on Tour.”

When beginning to plan your outfit, think of the concept you want to capture. If you want to wear something inspired by Styles, do a quick Google or Pinterest search of his iconic stage outfits and pick one that best matches your personality. Styles is known for wearing feather boas, matching sets, vibrant colors, open shirts and lots of glitter. You can also look back on some of his previous fashion eras, like his Vogue photoshoots or past music videos for inspiration.

Although your outfit can be inspired by him, take the opportunity to make it your own! Choose colors and silhouettes that make you feel confident. If you prefer dark and muted colors, go for either a dark green, dark blue or black matching set. For those who like to show off some skin, wear an unbuttoned vest or shirt. If you’d rather cover up, get a shirt that covers your chest, but it’s either short sleeve or sleeveless so you don’t get too hot at the show. Your bottoms can act as an accent piece – try striped or polka-dotted pants to add depth to your look.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. These are simple pieces that can really make a difference in your look. Rings are a must, since Styles is always covered with them, and simple hoop earrings can be the perfect addition to your outfit. Cowboy hats, boas and bandanas are fun and easy pieces to add, as long as they’re color coordinated. 

Lastly, the most integral piece to an outfit: shoes! Comfort is a must since you’ll be on your feet dancing the entire show. Wear sneakers that match the color scheme you’ve chosen or well-worn boots that don’t hurt your feet. Although, if you happen to be on the shorter side and need some height in your shoes, pack two pairs – wear your comfy shoes to the venue, then switch them before the show starts. 

If you decide you want to do something completely your own with your outfit, begin with choosing the type of aesthetic you want to portray. Some styles include punk, disco, goth, ethereal and Y2K. Once you have that decided, Pinterest is your best friend in putting together a cohesive outfit with your concept in mind. Either way, whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it! 

Whether you’re buying on a budget or have some extra money to spend on your outfit, here are some stores you can consider shopping from:

Other People’s Clothes (Ridgewood, Queens) — $$

Garage (SoHo) — $$

Metropolis Vintage (Greenwich Village) — $$$

ZARA (Locations throughout Manhattan) — $$$

Urban Outfitters (Locations throughout Manhattan) — $$$