How to get into New York Fashion Week

Charlie Messinger, Contributor

Year after year, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of New York City’s most exclusive and anticipated events. Occurring biannually, NYFW displays some of fashion’s biggest designer’s spring/summer or fall/winter collections. This September’s Fashion Week showcased fashion houses including Fendi and New York-based designer Michael Kors. Several high-profile figures attend NYFW, including A-list celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner family, Emily Ratajkowski, Winnie Harlow and Naomi Campbell. 

With NYFW drawing the attention of the press and the public eye, many wonder how they can get a ticket to an event or fashion show during this exclusive time. With the exclusivity of NYFW aside, there are various ways for the public to grab a ticket. 

Industry Events

During NYFW, there are two different types of shows. One of which is called industry events, reserved for “buyers and press,” according to, where reporters, merchandisers and celebrities are invited by designers personally to attend their show. Industry events are usually kept private and reserved from the public. These shows include well-known designers such as Coach and Tom Ford, and high-profile individuals are usually in attendance.

However, if you are not a fashion buyer, involved with the press or an A-list celebrity, there is still a way for you to attend an industry event. According to the official Fashion Week website, interested people can directly register with the NYFW producers or design houses. The website also mentions those interested can apply for a ticket with IMG Models, the talent and event management company that coordinates the entire event. Although this method could be helpful for someone who wants to attend a show, many apply, and there may be application fees, so only a small percentage will get the chance to attend an event.

Public Events

If you are unable to attend an industry event, there are still other opportunities to be a part of the experience. Not all events are only available to celebrities. In fact, there are several fashion week events for the general public to attend. The Fashion Week Online calendar shows what events are open to the public and how much it will cost to attend. In addition, Fashion Week Online members can save 15 percent on their tickets. A ticket can cost anywhere between $35 to $1,595 based on the event and admission type. The calendar for each fashion week gets released a few weeks before the actual event which leaves enough time for the public to purchase their tickets. Even though most large designer houses will continue having industry events, the most recent NYFW offered plenty of events to the public, and according to the official website, will continue to do so.

If you can’t make it in person or a show is sold out, another option is to live stream a show online. These tickets are sometimes free, or there might be payment required.

Get Involved!

Another way to get into NYFW is by being directly involved with a show or event. One way to do this is by seeking a press pass or ticket by directly contacting the press inquiry contact from the respective designer’s website. This method is great for those interested in the press or is a buyer, but did not get invited directly. Large designer houses want to get their styles shown in popular style magazines like Vogue, as well as high-end retail stores including Saks Fifth Avenue to showcase their new collections. On YouTube, fashion stylist Jessica Alberto, who attended fashion week in February 2020, mentioned how quick and easy it is to reach out to a designer and get a press pass or ticket.

Other ways to be directly involved in NYFW, according to Bella Gerard and Olivia Marcus from, include volunteering at a show by contacting a producer or by being a photographer and taking pictures of the event.

With NYFW happening twice a year, it is worth trying one of these ways to get your hands on a ticket before they sell out.