Manhattan guide to thrifting your fall fashion


Graphic by Gabi Camacho

Michael Huertas, Staff Writer

To many, thrifting in Manhattan sounds like a dream scenario, but for the past few years, it’s felt more like a myth as Brooklyn reigns supreme, forcing interested second-hand shoppers out of Manhattan for their thrifting needs.

As the weather is getting colder and the seasons are changing, now is a great time to add new pieces to your wardrobe. Thrifting is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and enjoyable activity you can partake in with your friends. Whether you’re looking for clothing, home furnishing, collectibles or art, The Pace Press’ catalog of Manhattan’s best thrift stores (grouped by neighborhood) should help in a successful outing.

Chelsea Cluster

Starting this list is Goodwill – 25th Street, located at 103 W. 25th Street. This store is open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m and you’ll find yourself searching through a wide array of cheap and well-kept clothing to entertain you for a long time. The most expensive item you’ll find is the occasional $20 item and the most affordable items are priced at $5. 

About a 4-minute walk to 142 W 26th Street is 2nd STREET, a Chelsea store that offers a large variety of styles from streetwear to vintage clothing and accessories. The store has an array of exclusive items of premium quality, with prices at 2nd STREET varying from $10 tees to $150+ luxury designer items. 

Crossing over Sixth Ave you’ll find Crossroads at 24 W 26th Street, a low-priced buy/sell/trade store that promotes customers to sell their current and trending fashion for cash or trade credit. On the way there, stop in the Buffalo Exchange, a few stores down from 2nd STREET where you’ll see a warehouse-sized store full of inexpensive secondhand clothing and accessories. The Chelsea cluster will have you shopping for hours on end.

All stores accept credit/debit cards and contactless payments and are wheelchair accessible. 2nd STREET welcomes pets.

Noho / East Village Bundle

The Noho/East Village bundle consists of four stores spanning a 15-minute walk. Starting at 204 First Ave is a personal favorite, L Train East Village – No Relations, a thrift store that is filled with any article of clothing you can imagine. Though the basement is currently closed, this location has two large floors filled with affordable apparel. 

Head toward 186 Second Ave and you’ll find East Village Thrift, a vintage, thrift and antique store that offers an all-around experience—inexpensive clothes, vintage accessories like cameras, books and cute houseware. The final stretch of this trip is a seven-minute walk to another 2nd STREET at 712 Broadway, which is beside another Buffalo Exchange. Oftentimes these stores have lines to get inside but don’t let that stop you from searching their inventory as the lines tend to move fast.

All stores accept credit/debit cards and contactless payments. 2nd STREET welcomes pets.

Greenwich Village Strip

For any students who frequent Greenwich Village, you might be surprised by the quality of thrift provided. Though there are only three stores in this bundle, thirty dollars and a dream will get you far! Located at 44 W 8th Street is an underestimated Goodwill. Their inventory varies but oftentimes, you’ll find underrated gems. 

From 8th Street, walk to 10 W 13th Street and you’ll land at Beacon’s Closet, of the best vintage shops in NYC, according to Complex. Beacon’s Closet is a buy/sell/trade, vintage and modern clothing shop, open seven days on a walk-in basis. They offer the highest percentages for sell/trade and are reasonably priced. They also have an online shop and blog section. Finally, another Goodwill at 7 W 14th Street is just a one-minute walk away, and you’ll find anything from small household appliances to art and other collectibles.

All the stores accept credit/debit cards and contactless payments. Goodwill is wheelchair accessible.