Going back to your roots: your November Press-Playlist

Sarah Bergin, Arts Editor

The University has a diverse student body, with 49 states and 120 countries being represented across all campuses. Because of this, a lot of traveling happens over breaks, whether or not you’re visiting home or taking your checked bag to a new destination.

As you start booking your plane and train tickets for the upcoming breaks, the end of the semester begins creeping up–which is what made this perfect for November’s tunes. Let’s take a look into some of the hometowns of the student body in this month’s Press-Playlist.

“Global Groove” – Squid

Squid, an indie English post-punk band, consists of five members, with the drummer front and center. This band has received praise and recognition for their debut album, “Bright Green Field,” which features the instrumentally-driven track “Global Groove.” As a Rough Trade favorite, they were invited to do signings at the NYC location following their two shows at the Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg. While not a single, “Global Groove” is just as driven as their other songs, with a rhythmic melody that will stick in your head for days. Squid is a band to watch, so get right into the “Bright Green Field” before the masses.

“Paris” – Taylor Swift

Off from the “3am Edition” of her record-breaking album “Paris” is one of the more light-hearted songs on “Midnights.” Co-written by Jack Antonoff and Swift herself, this brings back Swift’s playful songwriting and carefree lyricism. This track has the perfect treadmill pace and beautiful acoustics in the shower–as long as you don’t bother your roommate! It’s no secret that Swift is known for her bridges, and “Paris” has one of the catchiest off of the album.

While listening, feel free to check out The Pace Press’ review of “Midnights” and the rest of the Arts section for the latest information on your favorite artists.

“Los Angeles” – HAIM

You can’t expect us to put Swift and not follow with one of her openers for The Eras Tour in 2023! HAIM, a group of three sisters, is known for their pop-sounding albums and rock-influenced live performances. Born and raised in Los Angeles, it’s clear to see they adore their hometown due to their song with the same name. “Los Angeles” pays homage to their childhood and growing up while trying out a change of pace and scenery. This track is off of their third album, “Women in Music Pt. III.” Outside of their own music career, the sisters appeared in the feature film “Licorice Pizza,” with Alana Haim in a starring role, and the group has appeared as cameos in music videos, including Swift’s recent video, “Bejeweled.”


After their last performance at Coachella 2022, the well-known group BROCKHAMPTON’S indefinite hiatus shocked many, though their music is still loved worldwide. “TOKYO” from their album “SATURATION II” is a fan favorite, listed as “underrated” and “god-tier.” Utilizing multiple instruments and including a crisp production style, this track became an overlooked gem in the boy band’s discography. The second album in their collection-and third in the trilogy-is one to go back to from time to time. Sit back, relax and take yourself back to 2017 while listening to this song on the Press-Playlist.

“Casablanca” – Dounia

A Moroccan-American singer that spent her time in New York, Dounia is known for her modeling career but has released a few EPs and albums during her time as an artist. Still active in her career, she pulls from R&B and Soul influences in her music. “Casablanca,” from the album “Intro To,” has stunning vocals and an unforgettable melody. In an interview with Dazed, Dounia explained that she decided to release most of her music independently: “My music means too much to me to allow any sort of warranted tampering. The idea of someone having control of any aspect of it is too wild to me. I’m so sensitive and particular about my music – being independent is the only thing that makes sense.”

“Mediterranean” – Babe Rainbow

“Mediterranean” from Babe Rainbow’s fifth album, “The Organic Band,” reflects their work in psychedelic rock from previous albums. While it belongs to psychedelic rock, it ties in elements of previous decades, providing a sense of benevolence in counterculture. This band has worked with Stu Mackenzie from King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, who you may recognize from October’s Press-Playlist. Nonetheless, their sound is vastly different from those we’ve heard on this playlist, reminiscent of a beach trip. Whether you’re actually adventuring out to the Mediterranean or not, give Babe Rainbow’s music a listen, and it’ll bring you right to that place.

“El Apagón” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has been vocal about Puerto Rico and the struggles that the citizens endure, and “El Apagón” from his hit album “Un Verano Sin Ti” has made headlines for the same reason. With a docu-music video for this track, Bad Bunny has spread awareness of gentrification within Puerto Rico, drawing attention to the island. He is using his platform to advocate for his birthplace-which is admirable to many listeners. As one of the biggest artists at the moment, he doesn’t lose sight of what made him who he is today, as stated in GQ, “I continue to surround myself with the same people. I keep my same circle. I’m always in contact with my family, even when I can’t see them.”

“Hong Kong” – Gorillaz

Gorillaz is a virtual band that creates alternative rock and electronic music. They currently have seven albums under their belt, with “Cracker Island” being released in 2023. Having been around since 1998, they gained a cult following their hit single “Clint Eastwood” in 2001. “Hong Kong,” a track off of “D-Sides,” a compilation of B-sides released in 2007. Intended to be released as a solo song by co-creator Damon Albarn, it was barely marketed, which led to it being one of their lesser-known songs until the Demon Days Live tour. Despite this, it has a loved reputation from its fanbase and gets its rightfully earned spot on this month’s Press-Playlist.