‘Fusion Magazine,’ the University’s latest fashion editorial


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Zoe Poulis, Features Editor

If you’re a fashion lover at the University and looking for a way to get more involved, Fusion Magazine might be the place to start.

Fusion is a fashion magazine that features different styles and ideas, serving as an outlet for all kinds of creatives. Whether you’re a photographer, model, editor, writer or graphic designer, there is a place for you.

“The inspiration behind Fusion is based on a previous magazine I made in 2016, Solara,” founder Alisson Martinez explained. The junior Business major and Fashion Marketing minor created Fusion with the hopes of developing her original idea and opening it up to student creatives to express their individuality.

Since there is no fashion major offered at the University with only a Fashion Marketing minor, students with a passion for the subject are left to find other ways to express it. “I wanted to bring this to the University because there is so much untapped potential within the school and Fusion gives these creatives a chance to showcase and highlight their work,” Martinez continued.

Building an organization from the ground up is never easy and takes an extensive amount of research, but having a good group of people working toward the same goal is what makes it possible. Everyone on the Executive Board has a different major, only two of the four being fashion-focused. This is good news for students with majors and minors outside of fashion. Individuality and diversity is encouraged. 

The Executive Board is composed of four primary positions: President Alisson Martinez, Vice President Savianah Persaud, Treasurer Felicity Doran-Cressman and Secretary Carmen Ridley.

Everyone brings different ideas to the table, with the same end in sight. Being able to have fun throughout the process is vital; the work should never feel like a burden and members of the group have made sure that remains the case. The E-Board stated, “We want to create a living piece of art that changes as time goes on.”

The legacy the magazine hopes to leave behind is simple but powerful–to come back to the University in five years and see that their work is still alive. Fusion Magazine will look different in years to come, but that’s the beauty of it. The industry is ever-evolving and nothing is permanent, which is why Persaud, a junior Business major and Fashion Marketing minor, encourages students not to be owned by the world of fashion. “You decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” In the long term, the organization aims to expand into different areas of the University, and the fashion community in general. 

The creation of Fusion is a testament to making space for the things you love. The Executive Board shares the sentiment that it’s important to create where you feel something is missing–if there’s no club for the thing you love, make one! 

Junior Criminal Justice major Doran-Cressman urges students to “do whatever you desire because if you look back and see you haven’t, you’ll regret it, and when you look back and see you have, you’ll remember what beautiful memories you have created.”

“If you want to create something, just create it. There’s nothing or no one to stop you,” Martinez remarked. The biggest goal for their first year is to make sure the organization is a safe space that everyone feels welcomed into. 

“I am so excited for the Pace community to create and hang with us in a safe, fun and welcoming space,” Secretary Ridley said, a junior Psychology major, inviting everyone to join. Stay up to date on fashion, art and lifestyle content by following @fusion.mag on social media.