Everything you need to plan the best Super Bowl party


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Katherine Pappas, Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us, which means it’s time to gear up for your party! If you’re looking to partake in the festivities, here are The Pace Press’ Super Bowl party essentials.

Food & Drinks 

It would be impossible to have a Super Bowl party without food. Chicken wings, nachos, chips and salsa, pigs in a blanket, pizza, sliders, potato skins, mac & cheese, celery sticks and peanut butter are eight of the most popular dishes for such a party as this, and are relatively cheap and easy to make! Aside from that, grab some soda, juice, fruit punch or seltzer. Hurry and pick up your favorites at Jubilee Marketplace on John Street, which offers a 10% discount for students.


Before the actual game begins, add a little extra oomph to your party and play some of your own! Place your bets on which team you think will be declared the champions of Super Bowl LVII. Another fun game to play during the game itself is commercial bingo, where you guess which popular brands will promote their products and services during this expensive airtime–Amazon may be a good guess, given that they spent over 7 million dollars on advertising at the last Superbowl. On the topic of commercials, indulge in a commercial judge game. DIY your own scoring cards and rate each commercial you see on a scale from one to ten. At the end of the night, compare your favorites!

A Place to Watch 

Whether it be a living room, dorm room or sky lounge, it doesn’t have to be fancy! Find a place that can accommodate your needs and will most enhance your viewing experience. Is there enough room for all your guests? Is there a TV set to watch? If you answered yes to these two questions, you’ve set yourself up for a great time! On the other hand, if you would rather spend the night out, search through your options on Eventbrite – attend a watch party at Buttonwood Cafe, Bella Union Rooftop Bar, Monarch Rooftop Lounge or Olly Olly Market. Keep in mind that some events require attendees to be 21 years or older.

A Great Outfit 

The biggest decision here will be deciding if you are wearing midnight green in support of the Philadelphia Eagles or red and white for the Kansas City Chiefs. Once you have made the decision on which team you’re rooting for, show your support by wearing their team colors. Rock a jersey repping your favorite player, paint your face or style a festive hat.

Family, Friends and Good Vibes 

Perhaps the most crucial part of a successful Super Bowl party is the people to watch with. Grab your family, close friends, significant other, roommates, neighbors and whoever else makes you happy! Cheering for your favorite team, singing along to Rihanna during the halftime show and laughing at the clever commercials are much more enjoyable when you have people to do it with.