Student Government Association announces 2023-24 Executive Board


From left to right: George Davis (’24), Aman Islam (’24), Joe Paradiso (’24), Dante Dallago (’25) and Vanessa Sanchez (’24) / Mandi Karpo, Editor-in-Chief

Mandi Karpo and Julianna Lamourt

With 639 total votes, the Student Government Association (SGA) had the most contentious election in their organization’s history and publicly announced their 2023-2024 Executive Board on March 7. Serving the 2023-2024 academic year is Executive President Aman Islam (‘24); Executive Vice President Dante Dallago (‘25); Executive Secretary Joe Paradiso (‘24); Executive Treasurer Vanessa Sanchez (‘24); and Executive Parliamentarian George Davis (‘24).

The Executive Board, Senators and Student Ambassadors met for five hours on Feb. 25 to deliberate the layout of the new SGA via a constitutional revision. This included the elimination of presidential and vice presidential positions, opting for equal senatorial roles and the reevaluation of Executive Board candidacy with Senators and the student body regarding responsible accountability respective of their role.

“We also made it more equitable for smaller schools to feel represented on campus,” said Islam, who won his campaign for re-election as an incumbent candidate. “Overall, our Senate map may look a little smaller than it did in the past, but I believe this will show more representation in the future.”

“The SGA had a huge rebrand this year,” he continued. “It took some time, however, as you can see this room is filled,” in reference to the relatively 40 friends, peers, fellow Senate constituents and administration who flocked to Student Center West for SGA’s Election Party, where the new Board was celebrated. “We’ve had massive participation in this election, so hopefully, that means that people are going to be involved and engaged on campus.”

The newly elected Executive Vice President Dallago expressed an eagerness to ensure students across campus feel included in student government. When asked about the initiatives he plans on implementing in the upcoming school year, Dallago said, “One sort of broader initiative is making sure everyone feels welcome at SGA, and to really put our face forward so that everyone can see what SGA is, and be included in meetings and the process of government at the University.”

“I want to work closely with Student Engagement in order to speed up room slot space requests and try to make it a smoother experience for organizations and clubs on campus,” said incoming Executive Secretary Paradiso. 

“One initiative I am really excited about is bringing back the SGA Grant,” said Sanchez, the SGA’s current Treasurer who has also been re-elected to serve the role. 

The SGA Grant is an extended fund from the Student Activities Fee, a mandatory payment included in undergraduate student tuition. “A certain amount of money is reserved every year and is for students who want to [plan] big initiatives and bring people together.” In the past, a Tattoo and Piercing event was hosted with money from the SGA Grant intended for 200 students. Next year, Sanchez disclosed she will be reviving the event on a larger scale to allot space for 400 students. 

“Initiatives overall start with aligning the constitutions to other organizations’ budgets, making sure that the amendments that are in place currently are enforced and being followed entirely and ensuring there is transparency where the organization is headed and how they’re implementing those goals in everyday events that their hosting on campus,” said Davis, a current Budget Allocation Council (BAC) Advisor, Conference Funding Chairperson and soon to be Parliamentarian. 

“Overall, the training and sense of communication that has to occur on an Executive Board–I’d like to see that amplified this year in my role as Parliamentarian, specifically between the Secretary and the Treasurer,” he elaborated. Davis advised new and returning students “to make sure to carve out your opportunity because you’re never going to get this time back again.”

As per the SGA’s revised constitution, the organization’s mission is to provide “the means whereby students can govern themselves, engage in a learning environment populated by other student leaders and peers, and become empowered by and subject to the provisions of” their Constitution. The SGA is the role model for the student body and serves as the liaison between students and University staff, faculty and administration to advise all student organizations respective of their constitutional law.