Miley Twerks to Superstardom at MTV VMA’s

Marcel Pawlas

Pop culture has not been the same after the MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards. Media and its audience continue to obsess over Miley Cyrus, the “We Can’t Stop” songstress. Miley can be found all over social media in a pair of pale flesh skin-tight latex underwear.  While some think she had hit rock bottom that some other young starlets have once hit, including Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears; however, that is not the case with the Hannah Montana star. In fact, she has created such a buzz about her name and who she is as an artist that we continue to talk about her a month after the VMAs and her newest video broke record making numbers.

No sleep til 8.25.13 LIVE in BROOKLYN was the slogan conspicuously placed at every corner of the city prior to the MTA VMAS at the Barclay’s Center right here in Brooklyn, where Miley Cyrus made MTV history and “twerked” to the top of social media, receiving 4.5 million mentions in tweets sent out during the two hour airing. The night of the VMAS, the two-bun blonde seemed a bit normal on the red carpet, except for sticking out her tongue at the press. Everyone thought Lady Gaga performing her new song would be the talk of the town but the show completely revolved around Miley’s stage performance.  Miley’s performance began with her coming out of a large robotic teddy-bear followed by her controversial dancing and twerking, across the globe but the show did not finish there. Robin Thicke then stepped out on stage, but eyes stayed on Miley as she ripped off her top layer revealing nude colored latex underwear. The two began the popular summer hit, ”Blurred Lines”. To everyone’s surprise, Cyrus grinded and twerked on Thicke during most of the performance. The camera shots of the celebrities in the audience were some of the best captured VMA’s shots, as most celebrities appeared to be shocked or unimpressed with Cyrus’s comeback performance.

The backlash and the publicity began to rake in as the performance ended. As the publicity towards Miley’s performance grew and became the most talked about performance of the night, Miley did not let down her fans as she recently released her video for ‘Wrecking Ball’. The video is directed by renowned photographer, Terry Richardson, who always captures celebrities in unordinary ways. Unlike her last hit “We Can’t Stop,” Cyrus pursues a slower paced ballad that seems to be more emotionally attached to the singer than her other hits.

As of recently, due to her VMA performance, Miley was stripped of her Vogue cover by the editor-in-chief, herself, Anna Wintour. This is no big deal as there is no doubt that Miley and her PR team are all extremely happy with the turn out of the VMAs. Miley has gained much attention in the press these last couple of weeks that it will for sure rocket her career to a higher level. Miley’s brand as a pop star is that she does not care what others think and that is what she expressed on that Barclay’s Center Stage. She danced the way she wanted, she wore what she wanted, and she sang how she wanted to sing. Miley is a young girl who danced a bit dirty on stage but she needed to find a way to be memorable just as former performers used other tactics to tackle the post VMA coverage. The performance was part of her whole new image. To reinsure, it was the VMAs not the Grammys. To gain the most publicity post VMAs and beat out the biggest names in the current music industry: Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, is more than a big deal for any musician.