Aries Horoscopes


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Priya Persaud, Opinions and Editorials Editor

Aries: Welcome to your season, Aries! This time period is sure to be abundant in everything you’ve been manifesting lately, and your hard work is much more likely to lead to achievements starting now. Your action-oriented mindset may kick up a notch this season, and you’ll find yourself putting your energy towards more tangible projects, whether they’re personal or career-focused.

Taurus: Taurus, you have been doing well these past few months with working towards your goals, and Aries season is asking you to focus more on monetary endeavors. Perhaps you have been thinking of switching occupations or beginning a side hustle; now is the time to put these thoughts into action! Tauruses are known for their ability to be financially secure with absolute ease, and this is the best time period for you to make things happen.

Gemini: Gemini, you’ve been experiencing an extreme growth period recently that has likely been strenuous on you either physically or emotionally, but your efforts to endure these issues have not gone unnoticed, contrary to your beliefs.  New opportunities are coming your way, even if they aren’t what you originally had planned, and you will succeed in your future roles as long as you continue putting in the work. Remember, when one door closes, a window may open.

Cancer: Cancers, Aries season is going to affect you in a particularly unusual way as the planet Mars is now entering your own sign. Both Aries season and Mars in Cancer invite you to use this time period to tap into your intuition as it relates to the activities and projects you’re working on. If you have a good or bad feeling about something, you need to trust yourself and your gut accordingly.

Leo: Spontaneity is calling your name, Leos! Though you may spend most of your time planning to achieve specific goals you have, Aries season is asking you to merely follow your healthy impulses and let them guide you to explore your options. Doing this will allow you to discover new facets of yourself you may not have known otherwise. Worst case scenario, you try something and find you do not enjoy it. Whatever the case may be, let yourself improvise from time to time with your signature Leo flair and watch yourself grow.

Virgo: Virgos, we need to have a discussion about boundaries. Recently, you have been allowing those around you to cross your personal boundaries and whether you have been communicating this or not, it hasn’t been successful. If you haven’t, reemphasize your boundaries for your own peace of mind and it will make your connections stronger. If you have, it may be time to reassess those relationships. Boundaries are empowering, not bothersome, and you deserve to have them respected.

Libra: Libras, Aries season brings special attention to your relationships during this time period. You may be feeling progressively challenged in your romantic life recently, like recognizing your needs but not knowing how to communicate them to a partner. Though much of your life has been focused on self-sacrifice in the name of keeping the peace, remember that the people around you also want you to be happy and satisfied in your connections. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want from people because those worthy of being around you will always strive towards it.

Scorpio: Have you been watching “a day in my life” videos more often than normal and wishing you could be like that? Well, Aries season is appealing to your work habits this season, Scorpios! Take the cold plunge into focusing on building your routine the way you have wanted to recently and focus on your productivity in general. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate more time for exercising or extracurriculars recently, this is an opportunity to reset your life and make space for those things.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, your self-expression has recently taken a backseat to the other priorities in your life, and it may be making you feel as though you’ve lost some of your confidence and identity recently. Aries season should persuade you to reinvigorate your native Sagittarius individualism, whether it be physically through doing something new with your hair or participating in a hobby you really enjoy. While your priorities are of utmost importance, it is important not to lose yourself through your tasks.

Capricorn: Aries season is spotlighting matters of the home and domestic values, Capricorn. Whether you’ve recently been invited on a long-term trip somewhere or you’re moving somewhere new, the excitement starts now. You have worked hard to get yourself where you are now, and you’ve earned the space to finally relax accordingly. Gratify yourself by spending time with those you love wherever you choose or sitting down to watch a new show. Domesticity can feel comfortable if spent with the right person, and you may have found yours.

Aquarius: Aquarius, Aries season is making you bold lately. You may catch yourself sharing more “hot takes” with friends and speaking your truth more than you normally would. This is a great and healthy form of communication, and you are reaffirming yourself every time you do this. However, remember that being more impulsive with your words can affect the people around you, and therefore, it is imperative to be considerate of others’ feelings. As long as you do it with regard, articulating honesty is always a good way of embracing your authenticity.

Pisces: Pisces, now that your season is over, there is an illumination of older values and feelings coming to the surface. Your innate nostalgic nature is making it easy to ruminate on these past emotions, but you have to remember these situations have expired for a reason. You are only headed for greater ordeals, and dwelling on the past will not serve you. Understand the situations as learning lessons, and move on accordingly, whether it be through a much-needed crying session or creating a new playlist to feel everything.