Taurus horoscopes


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Priya Persaud, Opinion & Editorial Editor

Aries: Aries, your season may be over, but a new beginning is on the horizon. Taurus season is asking for you to note when you are hiding from things and to utilize that fiery Aries attribute to confront them head-on. Furthermore, the Taurus Mercury retrograde occurring this season asks you to detach yourself from people or activities in your life that no longer serve you. It may be hard to recognize that these things you have loved so much over the years are not beneficial, but it is necessary to make room for new opportunities that will make you happier in the future.

Taurus: Taurus, welcome to your season! Ambitious, loyal and the zodiac’s favorite homebody, Tauruses are the sign that has perfected the balance of discipline and living lavishly. Though many may be judgemental of your ability to pamper yourself, you know the value of money, which pushes you to work hard to deserve these niceties. During your season, take the opportunity to relax and treat yourself to nice activities, whether it’s taking a warm bubble bath or finally clicking the purchase button on an online shopping cart you’ve accumulated over the last five months. However, that is not all Taurus. The season also brings a Mercury retrograde in Taurus, which will ask you to relieve yourself of the unnecessary pressures others have put on you.

Gemini: Gemini, you have been facing setback after setback recently. It may feel as though everything is one step forward, three steps back and that you are ready to stop fighting, but you have to have enough faith in yourself to understand that these hard times are a part of life and you’re strong enough to overcome it. You have dealt with much worse in less time and there is not a single person who believes you are not capable of coping with these stressful times. The Mercury retrograde in Taurus will show you that you must spend this period healing in whatever way that means for you. To quote Billy Joel, “Slow down, you’re doing fine, you can’t be everything you want to be before your time.” Prioritize your physical and mental health above all, and understand that it is okay to take a step back.

Cancer: Cancer, this Taurus season will awaken you to a newfound batch of opportunities that may seem more worthwhile or fulfilling. Recently, you have mustered up the courage to stand up for yourself when others are not pulling their weight and by doing this, you have restored a vast amount of confidence and trust within yourself. Use this to your advantage and take a step into committing to activities with people who will serve you long-term. Sometimes the path is not clear for what we should do, but you do an amazing and intentional job of attempting to figure out what is for you. This trait is not easy to come by, and by innately having it, you should always follow your gut instincts to do what feels right. 

Leo: Leo, this time period will be more reflective than anything else for you. As the Mercury retrograde in Taurus unfolds, you will find yourself meditating on situations of the past that occurred and analyzing their outcomes and your role in all of them. This is not necessarily a bad thing; however, understanding these past experiences will assist in helping you prepare a course of action to work towards your overall goals. If you have been having trouble deliberating how to get to where you would like to go, take this time to ruminate on your feelings and therefore be better equipped for the future.

Virgo: Virgos, the time for you recently has been difficult and filled with self-doubt. You may have had questions about yourself, others and the world that, for once, you cannot seem to solve successfully. The Mercury retrograde in Taurus this season will not provide you with answers and you need to find it in yourself to accept this notion. Although you may be the planner of the zodiac, you have to understand that there are some things you will never be able to plan for. It will be to your benefit to approach circumstances and people in your life with a neutral mindset this season.

Libra: Libras, you may have found new routines and habits that have been working for you recently and have made a significant improvement in your life. Both you and Taurus are ruled by Venus, so using Taurus season to take some time for yourself for self-care and betterment will nourish all aspects of your life in the long run. You are much stronger than you believe, and it is time to utilize this to actively choose to move on from the past. Step into your spotlight and get ready to shine because this season is preparing you for it. Furthermore, the Mercury retrograde in Taurus will ask for you to consider where you are putting your time and energy and fix it accordingly if it does not align with what you want.

Scorpio: Scorpios, Taurus season is bringing the opportunity of romance into your life. You may have had this connection for a while, whether it is someone you have known and grown accustomed to or someone you’ve been attracted to for a considerable amount of time. This intimate connection is asking to be fulfilled, but you must inquire whether you are ready for this or if you are doing it out of the fear of being alone. As the mercury retrograde in Taurus approaches, this season also asks you to assert your boundaries with others. Your connections with others will grow stronger as you express what you are and are not okay with, which will benefit you in the long term.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius, it can be easy to compare yourself to others, especially monetarily or with what they have that you do not and this may have been a bad habit you’ve been participating in recently. Understand that life is not a competition, and your self-worth should not be derived from material items or the amount of money you have. However, if it is stressing you out, this could be a good time to create a plan for you to generate a more stable income, but keep in mind this is not the goal of life. Mercury retrograde in Taurus will only emphasize this and ask for you to write out the goals you have for yourself in order to achieve them.

Capricorn: Capricorn, you are hard-working, determined and goal-oriented, and it continues to land you in spaces and opportunities that would be unreachable without your uncontested ambition. Those around you appreciate these qualities you have and are even inspired by your unrelenting ability to always believe in yourself. Furthermore, your willingness to help others you love in the face of their adversity is not something that ever goes unnoticed, and they are thankful for this whether they express it or not. You likely have some plans for the summer that you are looking forward to, and those around you are basking in the opportunity of you finally being able to take a break. Prioritize yourself during this time and open yourself up to the vast amount of love you will receive.

Aquarius: Aquarius, you have likely been enjoying the confines of your own solitude and being a homebody recently. This is a great activity, as it gets you in touch with yourself and your innate Aquarian individuality that the rest of the zodiac truly appreciates. Being in this situation has also expanded your view on creation and the different mediums of expression, which is beneficial to you. As the Mercury retrograde in Taurus approaches, it will continue this theme as you navigate a way to make your rest and relaxation time the most beneficial and will allow you to decompress accordingly.

Pisces: Your creativity has been flowing recently, which has allowed you to plan for or go through with new projects. You have grown to trust your intuition to know when situations are right for you, and this newfound skill has been used much to your advantage in life recently. During the Taurus mercury retrograde, you will find yourself deciphering between what is worth taking up your time and what is not. While your emotional attachment to certain things may block you from wanting to do this, it’s important to note that it is necessary in order to open yourself up to more worthwhile endeavors.