TED Talk held at Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts


(Aaron Sylvan/Flickr)

Max Onofre

On June 10, the University hosted a TED Talk event at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts. TED Talks are part of an effort that is devoted to spreading knowledge and ideas through presentations made by intellectuals with varying subject matters. The speakers who were presenting came from a wide range of backgrounds, both professionally and intellectually—including photographers, authors, hackers, CEOs, and even religious leaders.

This event went on all day, as different speakers such as Shannon Hamm, a Broadway singer, Chongtul Rinphoche, a Tibetan monk and Brad Hirschfield—a self proclaimed faith hacker. Each person brought in their own point of view and was given a proper amount of time to divulge in the connection with the audience that attended. No one speech was made by a panel; instead, every person who was allowed to present brought in their own individual ideas and spoke freely about their thoughts.

This year, TEDxFultonStreet was made available online live. And, as always, the talks were made available to the public after being videotaped and put on YouTube.

The speakers for this particular event, as well as any of the numerous TED events, were selected because they are thought to be an individual who has changed the world in terms of technology, entertainment or design, which is where the acronym TED comes from. Each presentation that is given is an original presentation, meaning the content is being seen for the first time by the public. The aspirations are that the impact of the presentation is more momentous because its full contents are unknown to others.