From the Archives: Flash! Streakers Sighted at Pace


Campuses and courses may change, but college kids will always be college kids. Back in the free-wheeling ’70s, Pace met the most tried and true of college cliches: streaking. While the practice may have since gone extinct, in 1974 The Pace Press got the scoop and even managed to get away with printing photos. Forty years later and we are now in the age of revivals and reboots—any takers?

Originally published March 14, 1974. Unknown author.

Last Thursday night, the phenomenon of streaking came to Pace. Apparently, several members of the staff of Beekman Hospital called the 15th floor of the Pace dorm, and issued a challenge to dorm residents.

Midnight was set as the time when streakers from Beekman and Pace would start their dash. Word spread quickly through the croess [sic] assembled for the Thursday night movie in Schimmel Center. Approximately seven dorm residents responded to the challenge, apparently all seventh-floor residents.

At midnight, streakers indeed came out. About ten men ran from Beekman Street to Pace through the Beekman parking lot, to the amusement of a large crowd of onlookers.

Apparently the fad has caught on. Several other incidents of streaking have occurred since Thursday. One involved streakers wearing neckties and carrying attache cases who dashed down Wall Street at lunch hour. The other incident occurred Tuesday in 41 Park Row, when a lone streaker dashed through the building and down to the Pace Pub.

Reaction to streaking on campus seems to be mild. Juliana Lochowitz, Assistant to the Dean of Student Personnel, said, “I haven’t seen one good-looking streaker yet.”

Student John Keith, Photo Editor of the Legend, said “if it promotes happiness among the streakers, I’m for it.”

Unlike strong reactions heard from alumni and contributors to Fordham University, which has also been exposed to streakers, streaking seems to be having no adverse affect [sic] on Pace.

There have as yet been no attempts to take disciplinary actions against any of the streakers.