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Hey, you ‘memba Wesley Snipes? You ‘memba “Blade 2”? I’m sure you do, it was fantastic. It came out in 2002, a time of heavy denim and “Another Earthquake!,” the 4th Aaron Carter album. It was also the year that Pace Press alum Luis Vasquez scored an interview with renowned action star Wesley Snipes. They discussed many aspects of the film including Snipes’ training regimen, Blade’s character arc, and Guillermo Del Toro’s style. Enjoy this moment in Pace Press History!

Originally published March 20, 2002. Written by Luis Vasquez, Class of ’03
The Pace Press
chatted with Wesley Snipes about his experience filming “Blade II.” Snipes has starred in some of the best action movies such as “Passenger 57,” “Money Train” and “U.S. Marshals.” He’s been in dramas such as “Waiting to Exhale” and comedies, including “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.” The success of his 1998 horror film “Blade” has allowed him to bring Blade back to the silver screen in the highly anticipated sequel “Blade II.”

The Pace Press: This movie had a lot more special effects and fight scenes than the original “Blade,” how did you prepare for this more physically demanding role?

Wesley Snipes: I pretty much train all the time. I can buff it up or trim myself down depending on the role I’ll be playing. The thing we trained more with this time was the swordfights because I use the sword a lot more in this movie.

How much has Blade changed since the first movie?

Well, I still hate vampires, suck blood and kick ass and that’s all good. In this movie, Blade is a lot calmer and has more fun. He is not as serious all the time and he has some cool new toys to play with.

When you were filming the first “Blade,” did you think there was going to be a sequel?

Well, the first one had such a cool style to it with all the action, all the fast music, and all the martial arts that we were hoping to have a second one, and bring all the stuff back with even more action and style.

What was it like to work with Guillermo del Toro?

We had a lot of fun on the set. One of the things I remember was that when lunch time came around, there would be about 20 pounds of ribs in front of him and I would look back two minutes later and it would be all gone [laughs]. He’s a very funny guy and it was great working with him.

What do you think Guillermo del Toro brought to this film?

Guillermo del Toro brought many things to the second one. He is a more intense filmmaker [than the previous director,] and he really knows how to scare people by building up the suspense very early in the film so that you care about the characters. He is also very fast paced. The guy works really hard.

What was the hardest part of making “Blade II”?

The fights were a lot more complex and detailed. In the first fight scene, everyone was so cold because it was below zero and we had to fight in freezing weather. I shed blood in this movie. I got stabbed in the hand, smacked on the head, hit in the groin, stepped on my toe, and basically cut up all over the place [laughs].

You have been on television, done comedies, dramas, action and horror films; what’s next for Wesley Snipes, perhaps directing?

Well, I have not been in a Broadway Musical yet [laughs]. As far as directing, I would be interested in doing that but only when I’m older. A script is being put together for the third “Blade” movie. Blade is getting laid in the third one, he is getting some action in the next one I promise you that [laughs].