Everything you need to know about the University’s newest A Cappella group: “Frequency”


Sophie Young

“Frequency” is a University student-based A Cappella group, that was recently founded on campus. An A Cappella group is a choir consisting of strictly vocalists without any assistance from instruments. Music and beats are created entirely from their voices, for example, the art of beat boxing.

Popular A Cappella group, Pentatonix, typically can be found performing in arenas while using microphones. College groups, however, are quite different. Most collegiate groups have eight to sixteen members. Some compete in a yearly competition called the ICCA, which stands for International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. It runs from January through April, and the finals are held in New York City at the Beacon Theatre.

Frequency was founded in the fall of 2017 and they so far seem to have made an impact on campus. Last year they went to the ICCA Quarterfinals, received second place, and moved onto the semifinals. With this success, they held auditions for new members on September 13, and on September 17 they announced the new class of “Freqs.”

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Frequency works to make the University a welcoming and inclusive community through music. Anna Smith, the president and head vocalist said, “Diversity is one of Frequency’s core values. We strive to be a place where students from all different cultures and backgrounds can come and express their love for music.”

In addition to their members, Frequency also aims to generate a diverse sound. According to their website, pacefrequency.com, “We [Frequency] pride ourselves in being A Cappella risk takers. We arrange and perform songs across all genres in order to accommodate our audiences.”

Frequency will be auditioning for the University’s Amateur Night which will be held in the Schimmel theatre on November 7, following their performance and second place win last semester. Auditions, through Paceboard, take place this coming week (September 24-28).