Master Plan grand opening date revealed


Alexandra Puga

After months of speculation regarding the completion of the work on the new student spaces, the official ribbon cutting ceremony for One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row has been scheduled for Jan. 28, 2019, the first day of the spring semester. A sneak preview of the first floor of One Pace Plaza will be held on Dec. 11, from noon to 5 p.m.

Since construction began in Fall of 2017, the University community has been navigating stairwell closures, packed elevators, and construction site noises audible from classrooms across campus, leaving the University community anxiously awaiting the new spaces.

“We’ve still got some last-minute clean-up and minor work to do before we officially cut the ribbon, but the Pace community is invited to join us on Dec. 11 for the sneak peek. We’ll be serving refreshments, letting people explore the space, and SDACA will be hosting a Setters Rest Stop event just in time for finals,” shared Ibi Yolas, from VP Facilities & Capital Projects, the company that has been working on the renovations.

When students and staff return from winter break, they will be greeted with a fully renovated campus, VP Facilities stated, “[By Jan. 28], the new space will be totally clean and ready for full use. Details on the ribbon cutting ceremony will be out within the next few weeks.”

Some of the near finished features include a new student union, collaborative study areas, and student commons. A new Welcome Center, Spirit Store, and Admissions Suite will also be located in the new area, along with a Lubin School branded entrance from the courtyard on B-level. The Lubin Business School will also find a new virtual learning lab and a graduate student lounge.

“The grand staircase to the lower level will improve circulation and connect One Pace Plaza to the Courtyard and William Street,” continued Yolas.

As for 41 Park Row, the renovations will include a new art gallery, student commons, Dyson advising suite, and a faculty colloquia. On the second floor, a new location for Dyson advising staff will be completed.

University sophomore Lauren Serino commented on the news of the fast-approaching completion, “I am really looking forward to having more student spaces on campus for sitting and doing work. I am, however, disappointed about the amount of time it took to complete the renovations as well as how much extra traffic it has caused inside the Unversity buildings and in the surrounding area.”

“I’m really excited for the Master Plan renovations to be completed so we can finally see what they’ve been working on. I think all the construction will really transform the space at the University and make it even better for the students and staff,” shared University sophomore Molly Linnen.

For many, the finished renovations mean the creation of what many see as an entirely brand new campus, and also an end to the frustration of displacement and disorder.

Yolas left off on a positive note,   stating, “By putting the student experience at the center of the New York City Master Plan, Pace is recognizing that learning takes place everywhere and the effective design of all spaces as opportunities for learning is critical to a successful Pace experience.”











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